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Paris, unlike other capital cities I’ve seen, actually has a lot of lusciously green countryside Surrounding it all over. Now, it wasn’t the kind of artificial green grass you find in Japan, where who knows? Maybe it was genetically enhanced (which I’m ok with, if that really is true)! But it looked more natural and unkempt like the countryside in Korea. Then it got me thinking about my own hypocrisy. Why is it that the countryside outside the US is romanticized as being simple, and a nice contrast to the complex urban lifestyle, while in the US itself, it’s viewed negatively, with images of mobs carrying pitchforks and torches watching a bunch of NASCAR cars going around in circles, or people who innocently give away what little money they have to megachurches? Hm…

Then, I actually got to Lille. It’s a nice dinky little town. A bunch of freeloading beggars all over the place. One of them was a mother, who’s two kids came up to me and one of them tried to take my my water bottle from me! Fuck you kid, I paid €2.5 for that 1liter bottle of water, and now you’ve dirtied it with your grimy hands! A lot of these beggars are from the middle east, but I’m surprise the police don’t do anything about the loitering. If they are illegal immigrants, they probably don’t qualify for the social services that the government has to offer, but I saw French girls and boys asking for money. What the fuck? This added to a very dirty façade, sure there was some nice artchitecture of buildings from several hundred years ago, but they’re all so dirty. It really reminded me of Vladivostok. But then when night came about, the beggars went away (where to, I have no clue. Probably at home watching American TV dubbed in French like all the others). All the dirt wasn’t apparent with the darkness of the night, and the colored lighting in key positions of every building gave the place a nice makeup. But in the end, the question that comes to mind in every city I visit is: behind all this facade, what is there behind this city?
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So I landed in Charles Degaulle Airport in Paris, France. As if it wasn’t enough that I forgot my camera, I realized that the local Paris subway doesn’t connect up with the Eurail line. Or, at least the stops to the Eurail line connected to the Airport is limited in choice as opposed to the other Paris Nord stop on the Eurail line. Yeah, I guess they don’t link up. As a result, I’m now in Lille, France. Definately going to hit up London tomorrow. We’ll see how this can go.
photo by: lamadude