Paris and my Eurotrip 2010 Overall.

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 › entry 12 of 15 › view all entries Despite some major crappy experiences, I liked it overall. It was good to see my old buddy, and despite the fact that we didn’t go out partying all that much, it was alright. Yesterday (or shall I say 2 days ago), I was back in Paris, and this time, I actually got to see the city. And as with Lille, it was pretty friggin’ dirty. Plus, it still smelled like piss and crap. But that’s ok. Because, instead of taking the subway station (which was much quicker), we were stupid enough to follow the information we received at the tourist info center. Stupid, but cool at the same time. Sure, we wasted a shit-ton of hours in traffic, on a smelly bus filled with dirty windows and smelly people. But you know what? It was cool! We saw how this bus driver narrowly skimmed his way through a traffic of people going the wrong way. At some points, he had to stop, but in doing so, used some highly negotiative skills (very loudly), and got other people to move out of the way. Heck, it was even more cool, when we saw another bus (also going the wrong way) pass by us. I wasn’t scared for my life, but damn, that was amazing! We dropped our stuff off at the hotel, and then went to see the Eiffel Tower. That was pretty awesome! There were a crap-ton of peddlers trying to sell us stupid little trinkets. It was funny when we all saw them running away in giant groups though. We were like, “What the hell is going on?” But when we turned the other way, one of the guys was getting a pile-drive from a group of police. Then I thought, “Ah… Peace and quiet at last!” But I was wrong. Within a minute, they all came back as if nothing happened. This guy behind me got 7 little Eiffel tower keychains for 1€. For a moment, I even thought of getting something too. The guy’s name was Seung-Hwan, and he was actually studying in Thailand. Pretty cool guy! It sucked I didn’t have a girlfriend to come with me. But oh well! It was so cold, and the wind was blowing so hard, my buddy said the most romantic I’ve heard in a while: “You know? I’m just about ready to open up your coat, and climb in it! I don’t care what other people say!” Wow, how romantic! Unfortunately, why couldn’t one of the other hot girls that were part of the crowd tell me that instead? No, I had to be stuck there with two guys. Luckily, I didn’t have to share my coat, keeping it all to myself. But yeah, it was so cold and windy, that two German girls who paid the 13.50€ ($20.88 USD) price to go all the way up, stopped half way, got out of the line and just went down. Afterwards the whole ordeal, I got a chocolate crepe, and we tried to head back on the subway. Unfortunately, it was closing on us, and when we got to an open entrance, the police officer just said, “No entrance!” And closed it just like that. So we were forced to walk back, and ended up taking a taxi (which other people were fighting for as well) back to the hotel. Most expensive hotel right I’ve ever had �"almost 49€($66.02USD). This beats that cab ride I took from Kadena to Naha in Okinawa ($44USD) back in 2007. But it was pretty cool, seeing the way this guy weave his way through slow traffic, onto oncoming traffic, and even going around people in the loop. Almost rivaled the bus ride we had earlier (but the bus ride was still way cooler). Then I flew home, and had a late layover in Houston where I went through Customs again, and had my baggage checked for the second time (apparently, they didn’t trust the French who also checked everything twice in the same airport). Then our connecting flight got delay another hour. I didn’t get back home until 9:24pm. Wow! Overall, the trip had many bad moments. But it was okay. Renting bikes and riding them around Frankfurt was pretty awesome. Heck, Germany in general, was just pretty awesome! It was clean (for the most part), and the wilderness was beautiful. Plus, it really makes you appreciate the things you do have that much more. Helps put many things in perspective. There’s still a lot more I haven’t seen of Europe. Next time, I’ll hit up Southern France, the Iberian Peninsula, and all those Mediterranean states. (I’ll save Eastern Europe for another trip, when I go to central Asia).
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photo by: Sweetski