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So I forgot to take out some cash beforehand, and because I couldn’t go to London (the very city my bank is based from), I’m forced to freeload from my friend. That feeling sucks! Moreover, most of these places don’t take Visa. Great! So now I have to wire myself some money, and pay a wiring fee. Hopefully the Germans don’t give me too much crap over this.

After I’d gotten off the wrong station (1 station before the right stop, got off, then got back on to the right one) only to walk around in circles to the next train station in the next line, took the train back, walked around some more, realized I’d been walking in the wrong direction, and then I walked back again. All this time was being wasted, and I thought: “Oh no! It’s past 3pm, and the banks here close early! I gotta’ get to this thing FAST!”

So I’m walking around, getting lost some more, and then, I found it…

I went inside, and asked a lady, if she could help me in withdrawing some money from my account. She said, “We don’t do retail banking at this HSBC like you’re used to in your country.” B2B investing, funds, and all that, just not the thing I need. So my buddy Barry was right. Just call up my bank, and tellem’ to wire the damn money over to me. I’ll do that the next morning. -_-, Defeat.
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