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So yesterday, I missed the early train to get to the main station that would get me to Milan, Italy. So when I finally did wake up and tried to catch a later train, they were all out of seats. Apparently, I’d forgotten about Easter Day Weekend (Unlike in America, it’s an actual holiday here), and apparently Milano’s the place to go during this time.

Because here in Frankfurt, Germany, almost EVERYTHING shuts down. But according to my buddy, they all go out, party, and get drunk during Christmas. So why not Easter too?

In Europe, everything shuts down early, and it fuckin’ blows. But now, especially after yesterday, I realize why: Customer service sucks balls. It sucks so bad, people want to stay home and not deal with these fuckers. Fuck! Should’ve just gone back to Griesheim, and ate at that pizza place close by. If I’d known that they were miraculously open….

That restaurant that we did go to though, was pretty bad. The food was mediocre, and it was the second time that day, that I asked for plain old water, and the mineral water I got was more mineral than water. Then, the guy kept saying that I ordered a beer for my buddy. No, I ordered a Cola Light (“Diet Coke” for the Americans)! But he insisted we ordered the beer, and then, charged us up the ass $20 more than the actual price of everything. We only found this out, after checking the prices with the menu up front. GREAT! So we were ripped off too!

So that’s why shit shuts down early in Germany. Because customer service sucks so bad, people would much rather eat at home. So it’s probably safe to say that the businesses that stay open late enough, usually don’t get enough business and HAVE to stay open to try to attract a few more customers.
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