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I’d rather go hit up San Francisco***!

I pride myself in being a liberal. In fact, I’m an atheist, and not much of a patriot, but I’ve done more than my fair share for “God and Country” during my short 6 years in the Navy.

However, if there’s any one thing I hate the most: Hobos. Don’t get me wrong, some of them have reasons beyond their control, and find themselves in such a horrible situation. Problem is, some of them wallow too much in their own self-pity, that they can’t seem to find a solution, like going to a homeless shelter. They can then get an address, and use that to apply for an ID, and a job. Then of course, I’ve also heard from homeless people that homeless shelters aren’t the best of places to be in. If that’s the case, maybe they need help with donations. If that’s the case, more media attention should be given to the situation. Until then, they have no other choice, because begging on the street is just wrong.

Aside from that though, I just saw too many people who weren’t even just begging. They were just sitting there, as if they had nothing else better to do. Young, able-bodied people. Maybe we should give them all one-way tickets to China, to “compete and take back American jobs!” Or, maybe they can learn to adapt, and take advantage of government-sponsored programs to retrain people to diversify their skills so that they can be used in the workforce.

Then, there’s the worst of them all: The con-artist. We were at Bowser’s Pizza, on Shattuck Avenue. Here, this guy comes in:

INT. Bowsers Pizza

David and Justin are sitting at the table, waiting for their food. Then, suddenly, a man comes in…



     對不起,講國語嗎? [Sorry, do you speak Mandarin?]




你可不可以幫�'一下?�'剛剛從台灣來,英文不太好。 [Can you help me out? I just came from Taiwan, and my English isn't good]

I immediately get up to help this poor tourist/immigrant from some misunderstanding.

INT. At the doorway


     blah blah blah, �'要回到西雅圖。只差二十塊錢 [I need to get back to Seattle, I only need $20], blah blah blah.


     可是�'�'有錢。 [But I don't have any money.]

So the con-artist leaves very angrily.

Fuckin’ crap, it ain’t the first time, someone’s come to me peddling for money! There was this one guy who kept going to the Greyhound Bus Station in LA every time I was there. Hell, after that one time I told the cops about him, I saw him at LAX doing the same thing. These people are just fucking scum!

Then, to top things off, after I sat down, our food had come, and we took a couple slices, a hobo walks in asking for money. FUCK!

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photo by: mahoney