Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA

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I just got back from this place morning.  Guess what?  Really beautiful.  Was it worth the drive?  Yeah... For the most part.  Just to see the redwoods, is really nice.  Unfortunately, when you're going up the Redwoods, don't forget to go into the "Avenue of Giants", or else you'll completely miss the visitor's center for the camp.  No, there aren't any obvious signs from the 101 saying, "Hey, dumb-@$$!  You should exit here, if you want to go to the redwoods".  Apparently, the Avenue of Giants was actually that sign.

Not bad for my first camping trip.  Too bad we forgot our tent.  So we had to drive up to Eureka to buy another one, after checking in.  Of course, we checked in after having missed our exit, and then turned around to look for the damn thing.
What else did we forget/overlook/things we need for next time?
     *Tarp:  To put the tent over.
     *When putting in the meat into the ziplock bag with marinade, make sure to squish around and ensure that meat slices seperate.
    *Skewers:  to hold the marshmallows (for the S'MORES) over the fire with.
    *Mallot:  To hammer stakes into the ground.
    *Inflatable Mattress that doesn't require AC outlet:  To prevent backache.

At least we remembered to bring the cookware (plates, cups and knives and forks), the stove, and we bought some propane gas for the gas burners beforehand.  Unfortunately, the propane heater and propane lamp I'd rented didn't work for crap.  Also, the damn GPS I rented didn't work either.  It just stalled and stalled.  Next time, I'm gonna' have an IPod Touch with a GPS attachable unit instead.  NO MORE RENTALS!

One thing that sucked, is that at Myer's Flat, you had to pay to drive through the redwood trees, and they were closed when we got there.  Maybe we should've driven along Highway 1?  Either case:  LAME!

Not a bad experience, but that last part really defeats the purpose in why we chose to drive to that location.  Next time, I'm choosing a park where the nearby rivers aren't "catch and release".  Also LAME.

We were gonna' go hit up the Phở Garden in San Francisco, but were too tired, and hurting real bad from sleeping on the hard floor.

Did I have fun ultimately though?  Yes.
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photo by: Hummingbird