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Well it was a long LONG drive about 19 hours. It was wonderful however the drive there was more nerve racking than the one home. I took my time driving home to spend ever moment i could talking to him, and just to break the "ice" even though we have talked for well over 6 weeks and seen each other on cam's its not the same as a real experience to be sitting next to one another. It was great we talked all about the time we were going to have back in Wisconsin (showing around and what not). Back to the trip itself; lots of great little stops from Green Bay WI. to Chatham IL. You all can laugh, giggles and even fart while laughing when you read this but i have never seen a wind farm (windmills that power things) Well i seen one just crossing into IL. I nearly slapped my best friends arm off. She sighed and said "sh*t woman you need to get out more" i just frowned a bit and nodded. She is right i do. Ohh!!! Back a few steps! We didn't take the Interstates to get though Wisconsin we took the small little roads that have lots of cool small towns and people. I seen the most beautiful town ever. It reminds me of the early 1900 or so...the old buildings were all (by the looks of it) that age, driving though at night was like a movie so quiet and serene made me just stop and look around dreaming of big dresses and girls with fans, any way you get that drift lol. Forward now a few steps again, he hasent gone home...i don't think he wants to I think he wants to call Green Bay home now. he seems settled in our little ways we have, and the people he has met he likes. I know me personally till he was here, it was as if i had a piece of my puzzle missing. Im whole now. I don't want him to go. it feels right. Just right. but i know he has other obligations 900 miles from me that will keep him going home to Chatham IL. if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep make this easier for me and him I would LOVE to hear them, I can already feel the tears swelling thinking about him leaving.
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Green Bay
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