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in Plateau , Abidjan
The largest city, Abidjan, has a cosmopolitan flavour with large French and Lebanese communities.Boasting high-rise buildings which was built since the 80's but too bad....without good maintenance to see the real beauties of indistinctive designs.
The city has a vibrant nightlife and bustling atmosphere.But police checkpoints are annoying between  9pm to 6am. They are everywhere and hunting passersby for money.
This trip definitely reminded me of just how much i always have to escape an excuse with the police checkpoints.At any rate, I was always aided in my quest by…hmmmmm…just keeping quiet at sometime....but dont pretend sour face. And always tell them that youre a good friend and will pass by again at sometime to give them something. Else , even youre holding a valid papers...they will still find for unethical bribe with an arrogant approach on theyre not so friendly face.

Well, as my friends been telling me.....dont spoil your nite outs...enjoy it and be bothered later and will try to get used to it…man.. it’s a rough life I live this time, a rough life indeed!

Will thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers, comments, and messages. It always makes my day better when I hear from TB friends. Journey will continue until the year end ( stay....)

RENESO says:
thats true..i always caught to those kind of incidents. They normally ask for car registration and keep it on theyre pocket until you pay them some amount to get it back. Gettin to used with this kind of life but really tiring.
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
seraphimkarlien says:
Not just Abidjan ... on the road between Bouaké and Abidjan there seemed to be a million police checkpoints. They mostly left me and my EU passport alone, but my boyfriend (who was travelling on a Malinese ID card) got picked out and had to pay a bribe every time - quite tiring!
Posted on: Oct 13, 2009
rotorhead85 says:
Nice to see blogs from Abidjan. I lived up north in Odienne for 3 years and it was always a real treat to get into Abidjan - cheers!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
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in Plateau , Abidjan
in Plateau , Abidjan
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