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On the way, we saw a pickup truck going perpendicular with the road.  Around the truck there were about 8-10 of silver crates scattered on the road.  From the metal boxes there were thousands of snakes strewn all over the road.  It was pretty cool to see and wish I had my camera out to catch it. After about 4 hours we arrived in Wuhan.  There were lots of unmarked cars who wanted to take us, but we didn’t feel comfortable with that.  After being turn down by four different taxis (our fare was too short), we finally found a bus station with a public bus to the hostel.  We eventually got to our hostel and tried to make the rest of our travel plans.  What a mess!  We wanted to go to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), but the only way in is an 8 hour bus ride or an out of the way train ride on two different trains, and no way out to Shanghai!  …change of plans!


We figure out we are going to LuShan instead- another mountain.  We order bus tickets in our hostel and a flight to Shanghai.  After the hassles of making the travel plans, dinner was also a hassle.  We ended up with just blah noodles at the hostel.


Tuesday we got up and went to Yellow Crane Tower.  The grounds were huge and beautifully landscaped.  You can go up in the tower which provided a great view of the city.  We were going to try to go to East Lake, but decided no to so we didn’t have to rush.  One of the other teachers from my school was also in Wuhan while we were there, but things didn’t work out with our timing to meet up.  After Yellow Crane we made our way back to the hostel, another adventure of walking, taxi, busses, and not finding food.  It all worked out though.  We got lunch at the hostel and headed back to the long distance bus station to leave Wuhan and head to LuShan.

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photo by: FK27