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Let the adventures continue…


The hostel in Wuhan told us when we got off the bus in three and half hours in Juijing we could get another hour bus up the mountain to Lushan.  HAHA except when we got off the bus in Juijing and showed people the paper asking to help us find the bus, they told us there was no bus; we had to take a taxi.  The busses stop at 4pm is what we were told.  So taxi it was.  It ended up being better because the road was very windy and we got dropped off right at the hostel instead of in town.  Our hostel was built into the side of a hill surrounded by trees.  It was just what we needed.  You’d never guess, but when we arrived it was late and we needed to eat and again had some rough times.

  We thought we were okay with the chicken skewers, but they were coated in a really spicy rub.


The next morning we were up early for the solar eclipse.  We had made arrangements to walk to a viewing point with some other people at the hostel.  The viewing point was on top of a hill and there were about 30-40 people there.  It was a good thing we had the glasses and viewers because they were better than what a lot of people had.

  We became instantly popular up there as we the only foreigners and passed around our viewers.  I was able to put the viewer in front of my camera lens and took pictures as the eclipse was happening.  (Also became popular for that and collected some e-mails to share the pictures).  It was an amazing phenomenon to watch as the sky grew dark and the air grew cold.  From where we were, we didn’t get a total eclipse, but it came darn close.
  It is supposed to be the longest eclipse of total darkness of about five minutes until 2132 so it was the “eclipse of the century.”  We were also in one of the few places that wasn’t covered in clouds or getting rain.  Mom and I were the only ones who stayed to watch the entire eclipse starting at 8:20 to 10:50am. There was a guy video taping it , but he left a little after the “total eclipse” part.  Oh and for those of you who might have missed it, Mom and I were in the Chinese news.  Here’s the link and the caption under our picture says “American friends in Mt. Lushan meteorological observatory on looking.”


After the eclipse, we came back to the hostel because we had to change rooms.  We had lunch at the hostel which was a little spicy, but tasty- egg and tomato soup, rice, cumbers, lima beans, potato cubes, and pork.

  At the hostel there is a gentleman Miao staying there who does international business dealing with minerals.  He was happy to help us and keep practicing his English.  He was beyond helpful, but left a day before us as his holiday was over.  He wrote down some of the things we like to eat in Chinese for us to show at restaurants- why didn’t we think of that earlier!


Once we finished lunch we went for a walk around a lake and through some gardens.  The lake was much more impressive from on the hill as the water level was pretty low.  It was a very nice walk with a little hiking involved. By mid-afternoon we made it back to the hostel, but we kept going to get a watermelon.  We tried to find a small one, but it was still way too big.  We ate about half of it and put the rest in the fridge.  We just kind of relaxed for the afternoon with Mom taking a nap and me reading a little.


Eventually we decided we should attempt the food thing again.  ON our way into town we passed Miao and he was carrying to go containers so we asked him where we should eat.  He told us Stone Ox, which didn’t really help since it was in Chinese, but he gave us great directions.  It was pretty busy so we had to wait for a table.  There was a Chinese couple there and the wife spoke a little English.  Then their daughter came out and spoke really good English.  We were talking for a little bit and a table was ready.  They invited us to join them so we said okay.  They asked what we liked and then they ordered.  Once food started coming it kept coming!  We had pork and bamboo, pork and potatoes, bok choy, tofu with mushrooms in a sauce, winter melon, and sharkfin soup.  It was a very pleasant dinner and the girl translated for us all.

  She was 23 (looks 16) and going to University in Korea for International Business.  She has a sister teaching Chinese in Thailand as well.  They live near Beijing and she offered her place to us if we went back.  When finishing up dinner dad said “my treat,” about all the English he knew.  We declined, they insisted.  She said if we ran into each other again we could treat her.  She asked for my e-mail so hopefully we can keep in touch.  It’d be fun and with both of us traveling we’re bound to be in the same place at the same time again.  After dinner we walked around town a littler.  There was a small park and a bunch of stores selling the same stuff.  We were pretty tired so we got a Magnum for dessert, some water and headed back to the hostel. 


We have noticed that Lushan is the resort town for the Chinese and we were the only foreigners there.

  People are very friendly as they are constantly saying hello and practicing a little English when they can.


The next day we got a really good bao for breakfast and some deep fried bread that had a spicy meat in it.  The first taxi we found said she couldn’t take us the way we wanted to go; she could only take us a different way.  We got out because we didn’t quite understand why, but I guess only the bussed can go the way we wanted to go.  While looking at the map another taxi approached us and told us the same thing so we went with them to the other side of the lake.  The taxi driver had line an assistant with him.  She showed us the path and how to go.  The walk wasn’t so bad going in since it was all downstairs and downhill paths.  There was the Yellow Dragon Temple, Three Precious Trees, Yellow Dragon Pool and Black Dragon Pool- both small, but beautiful waterfalls.

  It was a very nice walk, however on the way back up to the Yellow Dragon Temple I got really nauseous. It was the weirdest thing and I’m not sure if it was dehydration or heat exhaustion, but as soon as I sat down and had a cold drink I felt better.  Mom and I also had pineapple popsicles which helped too!  When we go back to the top, the same taxi was there with other passengers, but they stopped and the assistant told another cab where we wanted to go.


Mom and I spent the afternoon just hanging out at the hostel reading, playing games and relaxing.  A girl from Boston, Zia, showed up in the middle of the afternoon.  We talked to her for awhile.  She had some interesting stories and it was nice to have a whole conversation with someone else (mom agreed!)  We invited her to dinner with us and went back to Stone Ox.  We did pretty well ordering for ourselves, but a nice man offered to help.

  We had chicken which was disappointing- great flavor, but too many bones, too much fat, and not enough meat.  We also got bok choy and really thin sliced potatoes with pork which was excellent.  From there we headed back to the hostel and crashed.


Friday morning we were up early to head to the airport.  It was raining pretty good all night and all morning.  Our flight to Shanghai ended up being delayed an hour as well…

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