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Once we arrived in Xi'an we booked a flight to Chengdu. Then we got on the airport shuttle to get into town.  We easily found the hostel we wanted and got a room.  It was decent for one night and the staff was pretty helpful.  After getting settled, we tried to go to the Terracotta Warriors, but couldn’t find the transfer bus we needed. It turns out we were only about 100 feet away from where we needed to be, but it didn’t look right to us and we didn’t see any busses with the number we needed.  So instead we went around town to the Giant Goose Pagoda (known also as the Giant White Pagoda and a few others).  You never would have guessed, but it was…HUGE…The park area around the pagoda was really nice.  There were fountains and interesting statues/ designs in the park.  This is where Mom found her jade necklace and bracelet.  (After talking to Pam, the expert, she says we got really good quality jade at a really good price!)  And we worked for that price and bargained hard!  We hung out by the large fountain for awhile just to relax and watch the kids play in the water.  A girl wanted a picture with Mom too and when I went to take our picture she gave Mom a big hug.  It was cute.  From the pagoda we checked out the bell tower and drum tower, which were on the way back to the hostel.  For dinner we went down a street near the hostel known as "Muslim Quarter."  The street was insanely busy with people walking, motorbikes, bicycles, and cars.  Everyone was constantly honking and it was giving us quite the headache- didn’t help that we were hungry either.  We ended up having schwarma type sandwiches which we learned were the local hamburger.

Wednesday morning we found the right bus to the Terracotta Warriors.  It was quite phenomenal to see and there were people working on excavation more of what was there.  There were three different buildings with different warriors, horses and carriages in them.  There was also a museum, but that was quite crowded.  We had just enough time to get back- even when our bus had problems keeping the door closed and we had to transfer to a different bus- grab our gear and catch the airport shuttle.

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photo by: Deats