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The following day I headed to Hong Kong just for the day. It took a little over two hours to get there, go through customs and immigration, and actually get to Hong Kong Island. It was really easy even though it took awhile. I went to Statue Square which has some artistic fountains and a statue of a big wig for HSBC. Right across from the square was the HSBC Tower made in feng-shui friendly style. A few buildings down was the Bank of China Tower which goes against all feng-shui ideals (better noticed at night). From there I walked to peak tram which took me up to the top of Victoria Peak- the highest point in Hong Kong. Normally there is a lot of fog covering the mountain, but it was beautiful for me. There were some great look out point to see Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. From the other side of the peak you could see some of the outlying islands. There was a great path to walk around Victoria Peak as well- although I didn’t walk much of it since I was starting to get mosquito love.

I spent most of the day on top of the peak. It was just that great of a view. After I made my way down the peak, I took a ferry to Kowloon, just the opposite Hong Kong Island. The sun was starting to set so I stuck around to watch it. Then I wanted to see the sky line lit up so I stayed for that. At 7:30 there was an announcement that there would be a light and music show at 8pm. It wasn’t worth sticking around for, but I didn’t know that before hand! The best thing about it was you could really see the dynamics of the Bank of China Tower against the HSBC Tower. After the display I made my way to a metro station so I could make my way back to China. I arrived back to the hostel around 10:30 and was exhausted.

Hong Kong was very clean and it was very easy to get around. There are signs in English and Chinese. There were signs pointing to all the sights to see and transportation. They were even color coded! To help with the cleanliness, there was a lot of promotion to keeping the city clean and healthy. I really enjoyed my day there and was glad I went, but it was really expensive for the most part and like most modern cities.
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