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The main strip at Semaphore.
Friday, August 28

After all that galavanting in South Australia, we needed a rest day. It was another beautiful day. Kitty tackled the laundry, Jeff tackled the internet, and I went for a walk.

Largs Bay, where Shirley and Tony live, is on the coast and really a neat looking town. I found the architecture of their neighborhood fascinating. It seems a combination of Australian "damn it's hot here" details combined with some Mission styling. I took a bunch of pictures and then wandered up the beach walkway to the next little town, Semaphore.

Semaphore's main street is full of shops that lead straight down to the pier and I was in the mood for a bit of a stroll. I resisted the temptation to duck in to the sweets shops (I live gummy candies in general and Australian gummies in particular).
There are so many styles of houses in Largs Bay and Semaphore.
I even resisted the bookstore, believe it or not. But the bakery.....well, let's be reasonable here.

I had the equivalent of a bagel dog -- a hot dog wrapped in dough and baked.  The shop had a small table and two chairs out on the sidewalk where I sat and watched the world go by.

It really is a damned fine idea when travelling to take a day and sit on a busy sidewalk and people-watch.  A country is not just it's topography, wildlife, and vegetation. Travel allows you to experience a new culture and that's created by people and it's often created out of the little day-to-day details of life. How you drive, park, do laundry, buy groceries, have a cup of coffee, buy a newspaper, etc. 

Also, having a snack in the sunshine is never a bad idea!  I haven't done a lot of classic international loitering (i.
Some draw from Victorian styling.
e., napping in public spaces) on this trip but this was close. 

A woman about my age asked if she could sit in the other chair at my table and we fell into conversation (she started it, Kitty!) We talked for probably 45 minutes about our lives and her kids and Australia and America. She is a sheriff, divorced, mother of three. I had a great time talking with her and felt like I'd been blessed, somehow, to meet another cool woman.

I'd told Jeff I was headed out to take some pics of the neighborhood and had actually been gone 2 or 3 hours, so I thought perhaps I should go home before they called the police. About half-way home, a car approaching from the other side of the street sprouted arms and started waving madly at me.  It was Shirley, Tony, Jeff, and Kitty. They'd decided to go out to lunch and were hoping they'd find me somewhere along the way (they'd left me a note at home in case they didn't).

We had a great lunch at a place with a water view. I had another delicious calamari dish.  I reallly enjoy the way Australians prepare calamari -- a very light batter with salt and pepper.  After lunch, we went home to collect our bags. It started to rain, so Tony and Shirley drove us to the airport (if they had been any more generous, they could have declared us as dependents on their tax returns!).

The flight to Melbourne was late and once again our cabbie was a bit confused about how to get to our destination (thank heavens Jeff is so adept with GPS's). We arrived at Sue and John's in a suburb of Melbourne to discover....a home with heat (with apologies to Shirley and Tony)! And cute dogs. And music (Sue is a professional fiddler and a teacher).  After introductions and chats, it was time for bed -- Kitty in a downstairs office (into which she tried to sneak the dog to spend the night) and Jeff and I in one of their daughter's bedrooms upstairs (daughter was in Europe). 

Good night.
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The main strip at Semaphore.
The main strip at Semaphore.
There are so many styles of houses…
There are so many styles of house…
Some draw from Victorian styling.
Some draw from Victorian styling.
Something out of a fairytale.
Something out of a fairytale.
Some are more distinctly Australia…
Some are more distinctly Australi…
Did I need to see this?
Did I need to see this?
photo by: Documama