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Waiting for our ride in Gawler. Can't you just feel the excitement radiating off Jeff? There's *wine* coming!
Thursday, August 27

As most of you are aware, Australian wine has exploded internationally (I don't mean exploding barrels of course!). There are a number of major wine regions. One of them is the Barossa Valley, just outside Adelaide. Once again, we booked a tour (because we did not want to have to drive ourselves). Once again, it ended up just being us and the driver, who was lovely! She was so much fun.

We took the train out to a distant suburb, where our driver picked us up. It was a beautiful day, sunny, clear, and pleasant. The countryside was gorgeous.  All trees and fields and vineyards.  We went to four different wineries and tried a variety of wines. I found I can finally really taste and smell the differences in wines. It's like my tastebuds are finally getting a clue or growing up or something.

For lunch, we went to a vineyard that also had an onsite restaurant that was fabulous.  At our guides suggestion, we tried an dip called dukah.  I love dukah!  It's from the middle east and it's a little bowl of nuts and spices ground up fine. You take a piece of bread, dip it in olive oil, then dip it in the dukah.  Oh. My. God.  Like hummus, you can make your own particular favorite by changing the nuts or spices.  Ours was a lemon myrtle and we ended up buying three jars for home consumption!  Damn, it's fine!

Our final stop was a winery that Kitty's brother recommended. He used to be a wine merchant and there was one wine in particular -- Hill of Grace -- that his clients drove him nuts about.
He got an allotment of about 8 bottles a year and it was expensive ($600 - $800) and people clammored for it. We went to that winery to see if maybe, just maybe, we could have a tasting.

Well, no, they aren't stupid. You don't get to "taste" an $800 bottle of wine.  But you get to taste something close (a mere $500 bottle of wine) and, yes, it was quite good.  I could even tell it was good. My nose/tongue can't identify $500 worth of "good" but I did appreciate why they can sell it for so much.

When we wound our tipsy way home, we found another gift. Shirley decided we simply had to try another Australian speciality -- pavlova.

Aside to my Kiwi friends:  yes, I know you claim pavlova as your own. Even the Australians know that and admit there is some "disagreement" about it and you two fine countries can fight it out among yourselves. I'm just going to eat it!

Pavlova is a ring of meringue filled with cream and fruit. Shirley's was beautiful, just beautiful and we ate the whole thing.  Thank you Shirley!

You know, I hadn't expected Australia to be a foodies delight but it sure is for me!
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Waiting for our ride in Gawler. Ca…
Waiting for our ride in Gawler. C…
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