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Yes, we were that close. It helps that it appears he was asleep.
Friday, August 21

Today is another play day in Alice and we decide we'd really like to check out the Alice Springs Desert Park. It's a large outdoor park that shows the different types of desert climates in Australia and the plant and wildlife you'll find there.

It was a lot of time outside in the hot sun (again, 95 and really low humidity) and that's what finally did us in. But before it did, we had a chance to see a lot of birds (Australia is loaded with birds!), walk in the enclosure with kangaroos and wallabies, get up close with some emus, and learn a lot more about reptiles (while I skipped the snakes, I think the lizards / geckos / etc. are really cool). I recommend it, but don't do it anytime except winter. You're outside a lot and there's precious little shade.
Jeff can die happy. He's finally seen a kangaroo in person!

Coolest thing we saw? The Tawny Frogmouth. It's a night bird with lips, yes lips, and they are just like a frogs. It is one straaaaange looking bird!

We all caught a hard nap after the desert park. John was out for the evening and Martin had left that morning so we ordered pizza. But before the pizza, we decided we needed some beer. Kitty volunteered for the beer run and we found a liquor store that was within walking distance. Five minutes after she left, I looked at Jeff and said "you know she's going to get lost, right?". And he said "she's probably already lost!".

Well, when she wasn't back 40 minutes later, we began to worry. She got back about 10 minutes later and, yes, it turns out she had kinda sorta gotten lost (the liquor store wasn't where she expected it to be).
But that's OK because she convinced a cop to give her a lift to the liquor store and a lift home! Is she good or what??

OK, the truth is, she couldn't find the liquor store, started to walk home, wasn't sure she was going the right way, and stopped to ask a guy working in his yard for directions. He volunteered to give her a lift to the store and *then* she discovered he was an off-duty cop! He even waited for her and gave her a ride home (and she didn't really ask, he insisted).

Kitty has adventures, that's for sure.

Once Kitty got home, we ordered the pizza. While I like Aussie pizza, beware that their definition of "large" is not an American definition of "large". It's *maybe* the American definition of "medium". Still, it did the job and we were in bed before John ever even got home!
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Yes, we were that close. It helps …
Yes, we were that close. It helps…
Jeff can die happy. Hes finally s…
Jeff can die happy. He's finally …
Horny lizard. I think hes funny l…
Horny lizard. I think he's funny …
Not a snake but who wants to get c…
Not a snake but who wants to get …
Barn owl.
Barn owl.
The tawny frogmouth, one very odd …
The tawny frogmouth, one very odd…
Alice Springs
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