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Since we'll be in Cairns, we want to dive the Great Barrier Reef. None of us knows how to dive, so Jeff and I signed up for a 3-day scuba diving lessons. Jeff was jazzed, I was cautiously optimistic.

He's still in class. I dropped out the first day.

I was fine in the academic portion. It seemed like an absurd amount of gear required just to play in the water but I was still willing to try. Till we got in the pool.

Now, understand, I love being in water. Swimming, snorkeling, or just laying about, I love being in water. But start adding tanks and vests and dials and gauges and tubes and, it seems like, 3 dozen things you have to be conscious of simultaneously and suddenly I'm not loving the water so much.

Oh, yeah, and having to pay attention to someone underwater who I can barely see because I'm not wearing my glasses.

Oh, yeah, and being....ah.....naturally bouyant I need extra weights just to sit on the pool bottom, at a whopping depth of 5 feet.

My rational mind knew I was getting plenty of air out of the regular. The not-so-rational mind, however, decided the rational mind had lost its mind and we weren't getting any air (massive air bubbles not withstanding) and we needed to get out of the water NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

So I did. Calmed myself, waited a few minutes, went back down, tried the little regulator-clearing exercise, and that other-than-rational mind went screaming for the surface dragging me along with it.


Snorkeled around for a few minutes just to see if I was over-reacting in general. I love snorkeling and I was able to enjoy snorkeling even in this little pool. So, that's not it. Apparently me and scuba gear are not a happy couple. Hauled myself out of the pool, got dressed, waited for Jeff to finish up, and went home.

I guess I'll be snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

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