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The Hard Rock Cafe in San Antonio, Texas, is located right off the Riverwalk where all the other restaurants are located.  From the street level, you can access the Hard Rock Cafe off of Crockett Street and Navarro Street.  You can eat and drink indoors at the dining tables or at the bar.  You can eat outdoors as well and take in the view of the Riverwalk as you see people walking by and the those river tour boats that float by.

The layout is a three-story set-up with the bar and the Rock shop located on the Riverwalk level.  The place is not as spacious as the the other Hard Rock Cafes I've been to but it slightly makes up for it when you go outside and see a bunch of tables outlining this establishment.

  Naturally they have the usual Hard Rock decor and mounted TVs playing a variety of music videos to keep your eyes wandering all around why you eat, drink, and take pictures.  The Rock shop is smaller than the ones I've been to in other Hard Rocks.

The Food:
The food is about the same as you would expect at any Hard Rock...very good and slightly more expensive because of the Hard Rock name.  I had a great meal and washed it down with a couple of beers before leaving the place.

The Service:
The waitress I had provided great service to me despite how busy she was and how packed the place was.  I didn't feel like I was being rushed which I liked.  The service at the Rock shop was about the same too.  They took care of me very well.

Overall, I do recommend checking out the Hard Rock Cafe here in San Antonio.  Although there were some other restaurants along the Riverwalk that would have easily gotten my business, I stuck with the Hard Rock Cafe this time around.

Here is the Hard Rock Cafe in San Antonio website: http://www.hardrock.com/locations/cafes3/cafe.aspx?LocationID=106&MIBEnumID=3

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