My Trip to Calgary and Surrounding area in Alberta, Canada 2003 June 24 to July 2nd 2009

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Flying with Westjet

My Trip to Calgary and Surrounding area in Alberta, Canada 2003

June 24 to July 2nd 2009

This is about my trip to this area in June 2003.


Day 1 �" Today get up this morning and put my final things in my suitcase. The flight is not till about noon today, so I have time this morning to waste. I do that by watching old 1980’s movies on A and E, Blue Thunder. Well for sure not best movie I have seen in the world, but it was something to watch.


Finally I make it to the airport and check in with my flight to Calgary. It is a direct flight with WestJet. I have a window seat and it’s a good flight. The flight attendant gave me good service on the plane. I found the tiny kid size glass of soda was too small for me, so I asked for a full can and she secretly gave me a can.


I arrive at the Calgary airport and its good landing. Get my bags from inside and then go and pick up my rental car. My rental car is a Chrysler, Intrepid, a little big but nice and comfortable and I got a good price.


I ask the car attendant for directions to get to my hotel, which is in Southern Calgary.

She rambles on and on with all types of directions to the point its all just sounds like a bunch of rubbish. So I take off on my own and figure it out by trial and error.

I get across town very easily and onto the street I am supposed to be on.

I see my hotel in the distance, but I am on opposite side of road, so I try to find a spot to turn around. I make it way out of the city into the country, where I finally am able to turn around. I make it back through the traffic and safely into the parking lot of the hotel, Travelodge in McCloud Trail. I check in and get into my room.


Now it is finally time to explore this area. I leave the hotel and I am hungry, well McDonalds is quite close by so I go there for some lunch. I have a big Mac and large fries with a Coca-Cola, heart attack on a tray.


I then go walking up McCloud Trail towards Chinook Mall, for something to do. This mall is one of the major malls in Calgary, has many stores and a Theatre and Imax, quite impressive. As I am not a shopper I just walk around awhile and check out the place and see what movies are playing.


The movie Fast and Furious 2 is playing tonight, so I will come back later and checks it out.

I walk back to the hotel and decide I need some goodies for my little fridge in the room. I get into my car and drive to Safeway’s. Safeway is a nice store and I shop in them regularly.

I get lots of supplies such as Soda, chips and then to beer store for beer, meal of champions. I drive back to hotel and put all in fridge, at least I work them into the fridge.


Afterwards it is time for dinner, so for old times sake I go down the street to restaurant of Denny’s. I got in and am greeted by a nice Waitress named Nancy. I get a nice booth and am offered a newspaper to read while waiting. I get my menu and decide to order the top value thing on the menu. Some type of steak meal and potatoes. I order my meal and It is served by the main manager, maybe I am special or something.

Overall, a great meal and the soda Coca- Cola went down quite  well as well.

No room for dessert tonight, so I just pay my bill and say good bye and thank you and walk back to my hotel.


This evening is going to be quiet evening, So I head back to the Chinook Mall, driving this time and get my ticket for tonight’s movie, Fast and Furious 2, its going to  be good.


I wait in line and am tempted by the popping popcorn and soda, but its overpriced and I decide to go without. Finally it is time to go in the room for the movie, I get my ticket ripped by the movie usher kid, who probably has seen the movie 50 times already.


Movie comes on and I watch the movie. Overall it was an ok movie, not as good as first one, but it’s only fast and the furious.


Anyways back to hotel tonight, for some sleep and I will be up for new adventure in the world.


Stay tuned for next days.




sylviandavid says:
Good posting.... good day....
Posted on: Jul 07, 2009
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Flying with Westjet
Flying with Westjet
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