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Hi all ,well this is my 5th day here and due to my out of sinc body im far awake ahead of anyone else in the house ,so here i am.

Im a market stroler ,i like markets and knick knack shops much more than a mall or some branded outlet area. So my gf's parents take us to one of the big markets here in QD thats not a tourist market and see what cool things are on for sale that might take my fancy.

I consider myself travelled enough through asia to know about the security of my bag ,my wallet and other such valubles and not a nieve traveller by any means. Yesterday i seemed to have a budding young theif in my midst who thought i might be an easy meal ticket. Ill put it this way ..anyone who can get my wallet is welcomed to it and there talents a greatly deserving of it! ..I was unaware that i was being followed as me and my gf were in front and my gf's parents were trailing us by a metre or so. They noticed that every stall i stoped at ,this aspiring young oportunist would be there inching closer & closer to my day pack untill my gf's mum inderictley intervenes and puts herself between my bag and the fleet footed young man ..then he leaves empty handed and maybe a bit dissapointed.

. ..Maybe im a positive thinker and tell myself it wont happen to me ..whats the chance? But still very very cautious where i store my valubles! ,haha well ,it shows that China is a breeding ground for young "up & comming" would be pick pockets as this market is not a tourist market what so ever! and it happens alot here than some might say ,in other places in Asia.

It comes as no supprise to me that i was being followed as it does happen ,hes welcome to have a try .With my wallet, camera & other valubles where they are ...Am i an easy target for a pick pocketer ? .Im pretty confident that im not! .

At best ..hes welcome to my empty sunglass case.

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photo by: aleksflower