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Eiffel Tower in some light misty rain.

This will only be a short entry, I have the train to Cannes to catch early tomorrow morning and not just that but the hotel computer has an AZERTY keyboard which has sent my typing skills back twenty years.

When I first stepped into Paris from the station Gare de Nord, I saw my first sight of Paris for real. It was not the characature of Paris that we are all fed in endless books, television programmes and accounts of those who have been to Paris (que the yar yar). I instantly found Paris to be familiar and even close to home. It is much like London; after eating Bristol for lunch and sweating some black balconys.

A few hours later I found that I'd decided I liked Paris.

Bridge Pont des Arts running from the Palais du Louvre
It may not have struct a chord and a place in my heart like Firenze, but it wasn't a place I would dislike. I visited the tower first. I thought that it may even fail to impress because it is a landmark that is so famous and so well known. It didn't fail to impress and nothing prepares you for the wow factor of this massive monumont. Couples gather in the romantic spot and you can see the magic that it brings.

Over the near two days I have spent here, I really grew to like Paris for what it is and the reality of French life here. My hotel in the middle of the Marias quarter on the fifth floor even gave me a brief feeling of bohemian living opposite someones apartment who stood smoking a cigarette (like most French do) from the window overlooking the narrow lanes that buzz with moped life.

Tonight, after eating outside at Cafe Indiana in Bastille I decided to take ,my last walk of the evening in Paris and walk off my Enchaladas. I walked along the South of the river and came across local life in the form of a game of Boul and along the edge of the bank in an inset off the river, people dancing en-tango. Girls flicked their legs at awkard but stylish angles and the men smoothly whisked them around the floor hold them by the palm at their waistes. That was the moment it hit, that was the moment J'aime Paris. It now has a very big place in my heart.

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Eiffel Tower in some light misty r…
Eiffel Tower in some light misty …
Bridge Pont des Arts running from …
Bridge Pont des Arts running from…
photo by: Sweetski