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Ticket to Cannes
Thankfully the worst part is over, all the tickets have arrived. Booking three trains seperately, I was a little worried that one set of tickets might have gone missing in the post or have the wrong booking time, but they all turned up one day after another. First Monday, super fast delivery of my UK Intercity tickets from Virgin Trains, Tuesday the TGV tickets to Cannes and finally on Wednesday the Eurostar. Nothing would have stopped me going though and warming up a credit card would have corrected any mistake at the last minute.

I phoned the hotel in Paris yesterday to check they'd got my booking, but the conversation ended with something like "er, we have, er not received booking yet, er, er you try tomorrow okay?", "Okay, Merci!" and then I promptly called Last Minute who called the Hotel and ten minutes later came back on the line to say everything was fine.

Last year I went to Italy and used a medium sized suit case with wheels, but I found it just a little too big and noisey. On the way back from Italy I'd been told my flight was cancelled so I got up an hour early and raced through the deserted streets of Firenze with the case clicking loudly in the early hours. I carried it when I could but it was just too heavy really for short break. The France trip is a longer break but I spent this week fighting over the decision of which size Cabin Case to buy. I ended up settling on quite a wide one at the max cabin size with an expander which will give me that extra room to bring home some quality Vin de Table. The wheels are also rubber so should be a little quieter.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have a lunch to get to at my friends house.
jenn79 says:
whee! Can't wait to read!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
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Ticket to Cannes
Ticket to Cannes
photo by: Vikram