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A cab in cheingmai, thailand.

March 15-20, 2007

Another holiday in Laos, my neighborhood.
Got new experience, police caught my friend because he played djimbe in public!!

Polices don't speak english, they can speak some but they don't so i became an interpreter. I can't speak Laos but understand most of them. (wondered if he was there alone, how long does it take until they understand each other?) The thing was .. someone doesn't like its sound, djimbe, he doesn't think that was a sound of music but was something noisy. So he called the police while a lot of people were happy to listen to it. We did ask people around there before we played that can we? And they said "Yes, sure. Laos people love drum too."

Then police came, warned us not to play music in public anymore.
I don't know, a lot of people came to listen to it as he was a superstar (haha)
but only one guy didn't like it so we had to stop.

Hello ... maekhong river

Is it wrong to share happiness to people?

But ok we respect that. When we are in someone's country, we should respect their thought, their culture and their law. So we stopped doing it.  Last thing police said "please leave here by today." !!!
Ohhh, com'on we just played music, we didn't kill anybody.

That wasn't a good memory but just one part, the rest is great. Most people are nice.
I like Luang Prabang, landscape of Mae-Khong river and nice guesthouse we stayed (3$ - cheap).
But many tourists in the city like kaosarn road in Bangkok, same as vientien, vangvieng which hardly find laos people so we hitchhiked to the other cities, suburb, to find out.  Nice people took us to where we headed. Some for free, some asked for a few dollars but they're nice.
No harm.

guesthouse in luang prabang, 3$ per night. it's outside, i don't know why don't i take more photos of it!!
Never hitchhiked before, we don't do it in Thailand. (It's about safety.)

The weather was not hot at that time, very cold in the morning and night.
Good feeling from beautiful people, cheap guesthouses, cheap food but ahh..dare not eat meat there,
after i saw them in the market and ......hmmm, so i told myself, ok ok, i will love vegetarian for a week :-(
Once in an amazing bus from pukoon to xiangkhwang with 40 laos people and my friend and i,
they looked at us as they never met foriegners before but they're nice and they're exited.
They tried to speak english to my friend but they don't understand so i became an interpreter again :-)

You know   : "Hello" in loas says SABAIDEE
but in thai  :  SABAIDEE means "i'm fine" :)
Same same but different

Thai and Laos langauage are similar.

A bus we were on from Pukoon to Ponsawan. (An Amasing bus!!)
They understand all i said but sometimes i don't understand them,
but i love their alphabets, they're beautiful. Ahh..One more thing :  we look alike. Thai-laos, as they said we're brothers/sisters.

The bus we were in just 1 or 2 stars i think. But people are 5!! :)
Had sounds from an engine and everywhere all the time, a friend asked if we're safe? ....
Then the bus stopped, if something's broken??? No, not yet. They just stopped for toilet.
Toilet? I didn't see any, outside is a forest! Someone said, it's the same. ...
I see

We're on the bus from 5pm to midnight, the way from pukoon to pornsawan has to drive through the hills.
More than 40 lives were in one hand, the driver.

Problems are ...
* the curves of the hill which if he missed just one, we're all fall down
* a small lane which another bus hardly can drive in the opposite directions in the same time
* no light except moonlight
* wildfire all the route and its smoke covered the way

I don't sleep.

It's an old hospital
If i died, wanted to have a counsciousness to see how it is.
I tried to look at the road but i didn' t see anything, i wondered how does the
driver know which is curves, which is not? No light, no lanes .. how come we survive??? !!
But we did!!!!
After woke up from nightmare then the tires blewout, 2 of them.
But lucky, that wasn't happened on the hill.
Two hours later after changed the tires, we arrived Pornsawan, Xiangkwang around 1am.
Said bye to them. It was fun, they like us and we like them.
If there had 'a bus favorite award', one of us would get it for sure hahaha.

Only me and friend were stopped there. Bye bye laos people on the bus. You are nice.
Want to give a hug to the driver but just said thank you for drive us safe.

No guesthoses were open at night, they're all slept.

Dry goods market where my friend got caught :)

We saw a little light from one place, we went there and knocked as a tempo of chinese new year music.
I saw a guy was sleeping there but he didn't wake up. We knocked louder then another guy came,
he was an owner, so sleepy. I asked how much for the room. What he said was nonsense. Very expensive
and the room is not good at all. I think he thought that we couldn't find anywhere else to sleep because it's after midnight, all are closed so he said the highest price. I was hesitating but my friend said No.
I know he was so sleepy and don't want to take care of us at 1am but he turned on the light that's why we came and checked.

We had no where to go, my friend asked me to sit on the street and wait until tomorrow.
Ok, but then two laos guys rode bicycles passed, we asked them about the guesthouse,
a luck was with us, they suggested one of it.

thing happened here
We walked there, nice one. Expensive than the first one we checked but the manager was nice. We were welcome. So we took it.

We met 2 kids, Chang and Tu, they asked for money and stucked with us for the whole night.
At first, i walked away and didn't give them money because i met a lot of this kind of gang in thailand.
The more we give, the more they beg.
But my friend said they're poor and hungry so he's gonna buy them rotis (an indian dessert).
I agreed for roti, buy food is better than give them money.
But while we were waiting for Rotis, i saw 2 kids were waiting with a hope.
I can feel how hungry they were. And when the first one got it, he doesn't eat.
He waited until his friend got it too. And the 3 of them, include my friend, were enjoy eating roti a lot.
I asked them where they live? They said live in the market, no parents, and begging for money everyday.

Tu and Chang

Hmmm.... before we said bye, my friend gave them some money.
I was .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him, i bet they're gonna spend their money with game not food!!
He said no way. I said there has a way.
Then they're gone.
We went to drink Laos beer on sidewalk.
One hour later, they came back again with one beer.
They were just 8 and 9 years old!! With beer which bought it by my friend's money!!!!!
Ahhhh...i wanted to strangle him.
He felt bad.
No, don't be, I said. You gave him, now it's his money not yours so they can spend with what they want.
And don't worry about them much, tomorrow maybe they forget us.

The day before we left Pornsawan, while we were having Phur, those two kids came again.
They had a bag of fruits (it's like a calabur). I asked them want some Phur and they didn't say thing.

Horny dragonflies, new porn stars :) while we were talking in the field, they flied and stopped in front of us and showed us how they do!!! See, he looked at the camera :) haha ..

So i said "you don't want it cos you have fruits? ok" and I walked to buy some water.
When i came back, i saw those fruits on the floor and i asked what happened?
Tu said "i don't have fruits, they dropped on the floor so can i have Phur now?"
Awww.... kids!! Actually he threw fruits on the floor and told Chang to do it too
because if they had it, i am not gonna buy Phur for them.
So i did buy Phur and 2 cokes. They're happy.
Before we left, Chang gave me a string wrist.
I don't know where or how he has it but he said "for you sister".

Nothing left to say.

Two days in pornsawan was great.
We walked a lot to many places and talked a lot to many people.
Their country is like northern of thailand.

when visiting an old man's field

Not too many people, fresh air, not many vehicles. 
I have been in Hanoi once, ahhh u can hear a horn every second from cars and motorcycles, lots.
Loas is peaceful. As the polices told us - don't make a sound in public because this country is calm.
(Even a sound of music???) :)
If u have a chance to go to laos, after have fun in tourist cities.
Don't be hurry to go back or go to the other countries,
Heading straight to the suburb to touch the real feeling of loas people, they're beautiful.


* A cab always says double price, make it half from what they say.
   If they don't go, tell them it's ok, i can take new cab.
   Once i met, he said 12,000 Keebs per person at first, last price we agreed was at 5,000 keebs :)
* Phur (noodle with chicken/beef/etc.

next field, the owner let us stay there as long as we want.
- should be about 3000-4000 keebs.)
* If you like vegetarian food, there has two of them in night market. But the one on the left side of the market was great. It's a buffet vegetarian.
* Try Beer Laos
* Says "Sa bai dee" if you want to say Hello ...
* Now is hot - weather is like thailand.
* Be happy and Enjoys :)





newtampo says:
Haha ... nice one, the t-shirt. And yes i had it but still love Singa beer more .. :D
Posted on: Sep 24, 2007
stabber911 says:
When you were in Laos did you have Beer Laos? I really like them.. I even got a tee shirt to prove it.
Posted on: Sep 24, 2007
newtampo says:
Sure we can be, LA6! I'm new! What's yours? And thank youuuu for the comment! You're very nice and kind too! :)
Posted on: Aug 08, 2007
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A cab in cheingmai, thailand.
A cab in cheingmai, thailand.
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