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The Serra family has certainly found a challenger with bread consumption in my new roommates. Their breakfast consisted of eating about 9 loaves of bread and an entire stick of butter... haha, so yeah I finally met a few of my roommates. There are four girls from France living here, well only two of them actually live here the other two are just visiting. They've been here for six months already studying abroad and are now just waiting out the Swine flu so they can take their exams and go home. So I will have all new roommates in a week or so. I really do like the French girls though and we all only speak Spanish which is great practice. Its quite hilarious to hear them speak though because they make no attempt at the accent. Rather they speak Spanish with French pronunciations so it can be quite difficult to understand at times. My other roommates should be returning in a few days as well from traveling so I'm excited to meet them (also they have the WIFI password... ha). Overall the new apartment has been fantastic. We even made an attempt the other weekend at using the parilla (grills). It took almost 5 hours to actually get all the coals lit, but with the use of lots of lighter fluid and patience we were finally able to cook some actual meat on it.

I've begun getting interviews set up as well for jobs, and had one this week for a company specializing in business English classes and private tutoring. I really liked the company and got offered the job as well! They're starting me off with just a few hours to see how it goes and then I'll build up my hours as I go. I'm just very excited to have a job and have a bunch more interviews next week. Rachel and I have been talking about how delicious all the cakes in the bakeries look here and have decided that to celebrate our first jobs, we are going to have a day dedicated to cake! We're gonna get a bunch (I mean we need enough to share... haha) of different cakes from the bakery behind us and celebrate by eating these amazing creations.

The other week I also found a used English book store. It's super tiny but they actually had a decent selection so now I have something else to read besides the magazines my Dad gave me from June. Last night I went to my first ever yoga class. It was called moonlight yoga (because it started at 10 pm and went till midnight). I really surprised myself at how much I liked it, and I didn't even topple over. Some of the combinations got a bit complicated but for the most part I was able to follow it. They also had a live band playing relaxing music the entire time which I though was really cool too. After they served all sorts of delicious mediterranean foods like hummus, homemade pita, vegies, eggplant, etc and everyone just relaxed and chatted. I met some really interesting people there, ate some delicious food, and got in some good stretches so all in all a good night. Well I have another interview to prepare and then cake day to get ready for. Miss you all!
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