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After being here now for about 3 weeks I've come up with some things about Argentinean culture that I felt the need to share:
1. People here love putting entire olives on their pizza, but it is for purely decorative purposes. I have never seen anyone (American or Argentinean) actually eat them... they just sit all alone on the corners of peoples plates.
2. Every dog must wear a sweater. There are tons of dogs here, and they tend to travel in packs led by a dog walker and they all wear sweaters. There are so many dogs here that even homeless people have them sitting beside them, and yes even these dogs are dressed. I have no idea why they think the dogs are so freezing especially when it's not even cold here!
3. Always beware when walking under a balcony because people tend to throw things off them. For instance, theyll clean their porch with buckets of water and then just dump the excess on the sidewalks... as if no one actually walks under there.
4. For some reason receiving change (coins) is nearly impossible. No one ever seems to have any, not even large restaurants and grocery stores. Apparently there is such a shortage that there has even emerged a sort of black market for coins. So people will go around to businesses and sell 5 pesos worth of coins for like 7 pesos. Haha... ridiculous but I guess everyone is trying to have some money for the buses because there are no passes to ride so you need exact change.
5. Farmacity (like Argentinean Walgreens/ CVS) is like starbucks in the US. It's on every corner, sometimes twice. They stay open extremely late and always seem to have lines of people outside of it... I think it has some relation to Argentine's obsession with the swine flu and being sick.

Just thought I'd share a few of my observations of the week. Also this week, I went to this thing called Spanglish. It happens 3 times a week at different bars around the city and basically its just a bunch of people who are looking to practice either English or Spanish. It goes on for 2 hours and you rotate tables every 10 minutes (sort of like speed dating) and you spend 5 minutes speaking in English and 5 in Spanish. It was really fun and a great way to meet people and get to practice speaking more. I think I will definitely go back soon. Alright, well I've got a class to teach now. Hope everyone's doing well.
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