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20 bikes, 24 people, one fun weekend!! There were parties, a parade and plenty of fellowship. It's what riding a Harley is all about! Good weather on the way down, (but mercilessly hot- especially on a bike and the asphalt!) but still had a good time. Oklahoma City really loves bikers, and made sure that the thousands of us that 'invaded' them for the weekend were met with smiles and open arms!

Bricktown (which is like KC's Power and Light District) was fun as well, with bands, food and friendly faces. Everywhere you went there was something to do, something to see. A somber time was had visiting the OKC Bombing Memorial during the day and at dusk. I think it affects everyone differently, but it definitely does affect EVERYONE; especially standing in front of the Children's Wall. There was much silence and a few tears from our group, as I am sure there is from a lot of travellers and fellow Americans. It is sad that we can be so cruel to one another, but there is also a scent of hope and positivity that comes from the city's resolute determination that those that perished will never be forgotten.

The Parade of Bikes had a full attendence roster, and I hope to have more pictures from this as I receive more from our fellow chapter members who attended. The streets of downtown were closed as were the streets of Bricktown, so that 1500+ bikes could roar thru waving flags, with onlookers that had assembled as early as 7:30 am cheering us on (including the fire and police departments). Many veterans rode, and many saluted us as we went by. It was an amazing feeling I will never forget, and I have attended lots of rallies!

The ride back (there were just two bikes; us and a friend because we had to come back a day early) became frighteningly eventful as we rolled into Billings, OK. A series of storms kicked up that had us racing for the next town and shelter after spending two and a half hours at a truck stop waiting for a break! The wind was unbearable, but at least we made it. We pulled into a hotel and gave up...2 minutes later, storms rolled in that lasted until 4 am! It was an eventful, scary, fun, and educational weekend that I am sure we will all be talking about for some time to come!! (Or at least until the next rally.....)   ;)

rtbabe38 says:
Make sure he has a good passenger seat and a b**ch bar...your booty and your back will thank you!
Posted on: Jul 05, 2009
Dalmia says:
Nice blog & great pics Traci!! One of these days, I'm going to don the appropriate attire, hop on the back of somebody's bike and experience one these bike rallys....preferably Sturgis! :)
Posted on: Jul 03, 2009
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