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After much much much needed sleep ,Ive woken into the day after my arrival .From my slumber, to exhausted to write last night after such a wonderfull reception by my girlfriends parents. As discribed by fa ,they were very welcoming ,friendly ,kind & giving!
They made me feal at ease instantly. They present us both with a gift ,it was a red Chinese style envelope filled to the brim with 100 yuan bills totalling 2000 yuan which is about the avergae monthly wage in China so you can imagine how long it took for them to save that up. By looking at there tiny apartment and very working class neighbourhood i could tell that this money would have been put to great use if they didnt give it to us ,If they were rich i would have accepted there generous token with glee .Out of respect for there culture i accepted hopeing to repay it back in other forms but i do feel guilty as the funds i already have are far well enough for my backpacking lifestyle!

Last night after our arrival ,after being awake for almost 48 hours we go for a late night walk around the neighbourhood ,which is very shop and market orientated. Very busy , and horns are no strangers to this enviroment! Since Qingdao is home to the "Tingdao" beer you can buy beer by weight and is sold freshly poured, fresh from the brewery kegs. Fa's dad buys what seemed a fair weight and we head back to the apartment for dinner. Fa's mum made us dinner and we ate over a period of 3 hours while drinking beer (gam bei) ,(cheers) every minute or 2 to drink ..bare in mind ive been up for 48 hours ..after 6 beers my hands were starting to shake ,i was getting dizzy spells and found it hard to walk straight ...time for bed i thought!

As Qingdao is hardly a tourist city compared to other cities in China and certainly not in this neighbourhood. I got lots of stares and people aproaching me speaking mandarin with me and my girlfriend had to translate (which is great) .Her Dad heard people say they were happy "wei graren" (foreigners) come to there city and it gives me a thrill to no end to know that i have entered some peoples lives somewhat and are happy to see me and do cause a bit of a stir with the locals. (hence me liking places un-touristy) ...Sometimes foreigners are seen as parasites and curupting of cultures so its nice to get a positive vibe from the Qingdao people!

Lets see what exciting adventures today brings ,that is everyday life to the Qingdao people.

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photo by: aleksflower