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This is not really Manfredonia... just in the area.
...but I never took many pictures. Mostly because we spent the better part of the day driving. Hours and hours of driving, with beautiful Adriatic sea views, but no stopping, other than a quick lunch. I WANTED to stop, but most of the beaches were red flagged and Simon was concerned about tides, etc. We kept hoping that if we drove around the 'wee peninsula' we'd get better conditions. But we didn't. And by the time we reached Manfredonia (which I thought was UGLY compared to the beautiful beaches I'd been lusting for all day!), we were both in foul moods, and our first major disagreement ensued. There was no ranting and raving. More icy silences (mostly mine, since I take time to express my anger and think about my words.) He felt he had been making all the decisions for the day (nevermind that I told him quite clearly what I wanted to do that day -- he just chose to keep driving rather than indulge me, and I suppose I should have made my point more forcefully, so we were both at fault)... anyway, after a long nap on his part, and a shower and solitary reading on mine, we made up and had a lovely evening. And the centro storico of Manfredonia is very lovely. And our hotel room faced the sea and was beautiful. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture. Our dinner was horrible, but that's a story for me to add later ;)
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This is not really Manfredonia... …
This is not really Manfredonia...…
Same as before!
Same as before!
photo by: ariosa