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This is a park in Reykjavik. big fields of green grass, it's really lovely :)
When I finally arrived at the school on friday night, it was so late that there were really not that much to do except sleep. Or be quiet. So we chose sleep. I was suddenly extremely glad I'd dragged that air mattress with me, sleeping on hard wood floors are not my back's favourite activity...
The next day we decided to head down to Reykjavik. We started off with fresh spirits, we were on our way to spend some money!
And we actually did some shopping. The third shop in the mall was Norwegian Mood. I've never been in the Norwegian Mood shop in norway, so i thought it was pretty cool. and we actually ended up using the special offer. after all, when do you get a norwegian mood t-shirt that cheap? of course it was still twice as much as i usually spend on a t-shirt, but it was really cool!

We preceeded to walk trough the entire shopping centre, but our shopping mood was gone.
newly developed area of the city. half of these houses were abandoned unfinished.
So we sat down for ice-cream instead. With about ten different kinds of candy on top. Icelanders love licorice. And so I love Iceland.

After that we walked down to the city. We'd barely found the main street before our bodies started screaming for some beers. Which were actually not that easy to find in that end of the street. At least not if you're picky, like wanting to sit outside. In the sun. And no funky smells, please!

We found a table outside some scandinavian food place. Of course it was no longer in the sun when we got our beer, but it was still good. It was really nice just sitting there people watching. So many tourists. So many cool clothes (and people). And so many scouts! It was very clear that 3000 scouts were descending on Iceland during those days, they were everywhere. Loud, visible, and in groups.

All in all it was a wonderful day in the city, but for some reason my pictures are just not cooperating. I hope it's just my stupid computer, and that i haven't lost them forever.
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This is a park in Reykjavik. big f…
This is a park in Reykjavik. big …
newly developed area of the city. …
newly developed area of the city.…
Yes, Im obsessed with sunsets.
Yes, I'm obsessed with sunsets.
photo by: MadeleineGL