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I’ve always thought that flying into Ålesund must be one of the most terrifying experiences for anyone afraid of flying.

I love it, it’s my favourite so far.

The plane comes in over the islands flying quite low, and it looks as you're about to crash into a mountain, when it suddenly starts turning around, and then you think it's going to crash into another mountain. But it doesn't. and then it descends even more, and you can barely glimpse the airstrip down there, and then you realize that the airstrip covers pretty much the entire island, ending only a few meters before the sea. It's spectacular! And it always ends well, the pilot manages to stop in time, and you can leave the plane by stairs, and walk into the airport, safe and sound.

I, of course, slept trough the whole thing this time, having been up packing until three the night before, as I usually do...

I also slept trough most of the bus ride from the airport, only waking up briefly for a few seconds once. But that was probably the best time to wake up of them all, I was treated to a spectacular view of calm sea bathed in early morning sunlight, an old fashioned fishing boat going back home with today's catch, seagulls floating quietly around on the sky. It was the kind of scenery you see on postcards.

My sister met me at the bus station, and I drove her back to work before I was left to find my way back to the house all by myself. I only went wrong once...

Spent the rest of the day sleeping outside in the sun, getting a nice red hue to my oh-so-lovely haven't-seen-sun-since-australia complexion ;)

In the evening we went out with the neighbour's boat to see the midsummer bonfire. (yeah, they'd postphoned it to friday)
There were boats everywhere, circling around, talking to people they knew, waiting for the fire to start. The wooden contruction that was supposed to be a fire was huge. I have some pics of it, but of course this computer fails to recognize pictures taken in RAW format, so I can't post them until I get back home in August.

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