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Ok, so my time in Singapore was limited but it's not somewhere I think I'll be visiting again for a while so i wanted to fit in as many things as possible. My Insight Guide highly recommended the Zoo so I got up early and took a taxi.
The Singapore Zoo is different from any other I've been to. Normally all the surrounding environment has been artificially created. This place seemed more natural as most of the animals were in a natural environment and the monkeys were pretty much free range (except for the baboons).
The heat was quite something and I struggled a bit with the humidity so I did rush around towards the end. On the way out a saw a little spa place tucked away and thought I'd check it out. My feet were killing me after walking for hours in the heat and went for the 10 min fish foot spa followed by a 10 min shoulder massage.
The fish spa was possibly the strangest sensation I've ever experienced. It was kind of like a super intense pins and needles and you can feel them getting right in between your toes! I wondered how on earth I was going to survive the whole 10 mins. I did power on through and my feet and legs felt great, now for my soothing shoulder massage. I had forgotten, however, that asian massage is very different from what we get back home. I got a proper kicking! I was almost relieved when it was over but it certainly did the trick on my shoulders. I then headed back to the hotel for a quick rest before getting on the MRT to the National museum of Singapore.
I don't know an awful lot about it's history so this was the ideal place to get some info. It's a great museum spanning all of Singapore very complex history. I didn't actually stay that long though as I was suffering quite badly from the old jetlag.
While I was in the area though, I wanted to have a look at Fort Canning park as it was only round the corner. The map doesn't show that it's on top of a massive hill and if you're not driving it's stairs to the top. I didn't quite make it to the top as the relentless humidity took it's toll and I turned back and headed for some air con.
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