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Day 10 Off to Ibiza

Today is a great day, The sun is shining and we are off to Ibiza today. The breakfast is some type of buffet and its amazing. We all board the bus with great excitement to go to party capital of the world, Ibiza!!

It is good journey there, we make a lunch stop at a truck stop which had just cheese sandwiches for food. Then off to the port of Denia.
We get off the bus and await ferry to get to our Island, at this point we say good bye to our travel, Marcus as he can not join us/
Sasha finds out that the storm is on the island and we can not get on ferry till many hours from now till 830 tonight. So it�s a bummer and have to find a way to spent time.

I go for a walk and explore Denia for awhile, make it to some beach area.

it�s a nice little town, almost like being in Miami as there are palm trees around everywhere and it is very sunny. A big time tourist spot.

Rejoin the group and I eat dinner out of the vending machine, 3 bags of chips, a chocolate bar and some nachos, done!

We take our bags and await the ferry. Which comes at 830pm. It turns out it�s a long slow ferry as well, 4more hours till Ibiza. Because there is bad weather at sea and the ferry is going to be very delayed.
We board this ferry and find out we have to carry our bags up the stairs of this boat, not to fancy.
Finally we set sail for a long long journey to the island.

Everyone is asleep on board and I take their photos while at it, its too funny, check out the photos.

A couple of them including our tour leader Sasha is drinking big time, as I have a photo of her smashed, it is too funny.

Finally at 3am we make it to the island, we all get off and grab our bags and follow Sasha to our hotel, who is abit mad. It is so late now and its like we missed out on the party scene for the night.

Anyways I get to my room and call it a night and forget I got ripped out of day, but sometimes you can not help the weather situation.

So I go to my room and the door is fancy. I touch the lock and it turns and locks itself automatically.

Tomorrow is another day , stay tuned for my adventures in Ibiza. Thanks friends.

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finally arrived into Ibiza
finally arrived into Ibiza
photo by: kristinasub