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Day 9 Granada.

Today I get up after 2 hours of sleep, I go for breakfast and notice a few still drinking and party still. I go have lots of red bull and coffee for breakfast and force myself through the day. Today is a tour of Old Town of the city and the palaces here. WE visit to the Alhambra Palace and its quite amazing, this city is full of nice things. The city is surrounded by mountains and trees, very good on the camera. We do a tour of the old centre and take in all the amazing sights. I am barely standing up as I lack a lot of sleep at this point, but over all a great time.
We stop to get entertained by an old Gypsy women in the old centre, doing her traditional song and music, quite cultural.
Then its off to the main part of the city to visit another Cathedral of Santa which is gothic.

it�s a wonderful experience. Then it is off again/

By this time we head back to hotel as I need some sleep for 2 hours. I go have a nap for 2 hours which was all I needed, it worked well.
We rejoin the tour group and head out again to see another amazing place, Albacin and La Cartuja. This is an old Islamic place with lots of Muslim languages here, check out my photos.  It is full of many fountains and green plans and hedges. Totally breathtaking and amazing to see this all. Come visit here soon.
The palaces are amazing and there is also this centre area I check out, check out photo of little boy in centre/

From here you can view the city of Granada and it is amazing to see, very good. Wish I could live here.

Anyways, afterwards its back to hotel for abit then rejoin others for dinner on our own. We go for walk and end up at this Mexican restaurant nearby. I am so in need of sleep I am barely standing up at this point. For dinner I think I had a burrito and Coca-Cola and it was decent. The rest of the group were going to go out AGAIN tonight, but I went to my room and crashed out at around 9pm. It was a good solid sleep in a long long time. The body was done.

Onto the next blog of tomorrow for journey to Ibiza./

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photo by: Chokk