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We just landed

Our first day, we spent most of it by the pool soaking up the sun.  Nothing can beat eating breakfast and then putting on a bathing suite to take a a nap by the pool side.  The only snag about this hotel was they cater to 'Spring Breakers.'  They were MANY of them.  The teenagers were drunk, rowdy, messy and sometimes rude.  Gee, why did we pick June to travel? We couldn't afford the Atlantis Hotel.  I heard that a burger dish + a drink cost about $15 buck.  Actually, our hotel grew on us after a few days.  We just had to block-out the Spring Breakers.  The staff was so helpful and nice.  I want to give a shout-out to Sean (Recreation Manager), our waitress in the Wahoo Bar, the lady in the dining hall + the lady who cooks the omelletes.

On our second day, it rained that morning and it was very damped outside.  We booked ourselves for a biking tour to the Versailles Garden, the Cloisters & Cabbage beach.  Sean, our Entertainment Director as well lead the group and the bike tour was for free.  The garden was built was some super rich white dude who was inspired of the said Gardens in France. The Cloisters was built stone by stone from Italy to be used for the owner's wedding.  Unfortunately, we the stones got shipped to the Bahamas, nobody marked them.  It took a few years to asssemble it correctly.  Many rich people owns second houses and estates here.  Once particular was a Saudi Arabian Sheik who has a nice big Mansion.  They was a sign outside, Tourist, Stay away from property, Not Allowed.

Towards the afternoon, Krystal and I tried to bike to Straw Market in Nassau.  I'm very used to biking in crazy NYC streets, my GF, was not.  In the middle of our ride, she got a flat tire.  We had to find a gas station (Shell) to ask for help!!!  She was already pissed at this point.

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We just landed
We just landed
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