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We woke up this morning and took down our tents.  We are all getting in the hang of it by this point........much faster then befor.   I slept so good because I cheated and bought a real pillow yesterday when we stopped at the store.  It was a very good investiment of 6 dollars, and Lauren already asked if she could have it after I flew home.  She is going to be continuing her trip all the way to Cape Town.  Hahahaha.  I said no problem as long as she passed it on after to someone else.  Thank god I slept good because we had a crazy long drive today on the most horrible bumpy and dusty roads I have ever been on in my life!

We stopped for lunch and local children stood around watching us, but they were so shy at first.

  Holly gave them pencils, but they were still shy.  I saw an older boy with a stick go and try to take the pencils away from the younger kids.  I walked over and said hello to him.  I asked him if they knew how to play any games and they didnt understand me.  Finally I grabbed a crabb apple on the ground and to make a long story short I taught them a quick version of baseball.  They opend up so much and had such a great time.  The boy that was trying to take all the other kids pencils was finally smiling and playing with the other kids.  It made me so happy to be able to make a difference in these kids life.  It was such an incredible feeling.  They were still playing as we drove away.

On the road again we drove on and on.

  We started climbing up and up on steep roads and finally came to a little town.  We got to stop at a market and get supplies.  There were alot of kids begging at this town, and some of the kids were sniffing glue to get high.  (I didnt know this untill Chris explained it to me afterwards.)  I am so naive sometimes.  I felt kind of sad after hearing that.

Oh well, so we started off and went up more steep dirt roads, and then started going down into a beautiful little valley and I saw volconic mountains in the background with a beautiful lake.  Our campsite was absolutly beautiful.  Wow...... it was right out of "Gilligans Island!"  We had a chance to upgrade from sleaping in our tents to staying in a beautiful lakeside villa for only $20 US a night.  I had no problem in making up my mind on this one and upgrade I did!

6 other people and I decided to go to Rwanda tomorow.  Our tour leader didnt advise it, but he told us we had to arange our own transport and put it togather ourselves.  He couldnt have any part of it.  We understood, however we were so close to the border I would hate myself if I didnt go.  We aranged for transport at 6am the next morning, and I went to sleap wondering if I had made a stupid decision or not.  Oh well, I would soon find out!  I get to see the gorillas in two days!!!  Im so exited!

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Lake Bunyoni
photo by: bastian8