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Random Hut we saw while walking to the beach.

    Woke up early and had breakfast in the room.  No one waited for us because they thought we were going to have a late morning but we were to excited to sleep in.  We drove to the north side of the island again to Wainiha to go to Ke'e beach.  The drive there was fun and interesting.  A lot of winding roads and there's a bridge that only has one lane.  You have to take turns to go across it.  When I say one lane I mean one lane.  Not one lane of oncoming and outgoing traffic I mean 1 lane.  You can only cross it if someone else isn't on it already. 

    Anyhow, we saw a hut walking to the beach.  It didn't look like anyone was in it at the time but there had to be someone who used it because there was a garden all around it.

  There were also caves along the way that I found interesting. 

    Ke'e beach.  Very pretty.  Great snorkeling.  I saw the hawaiin fish, humuhumunukunukapua'a.  I also got to see a monk seal just hanging out.  After an hour of snorkeling my mom and I decided to take a walk on the beach.  When you go further down it gets prettier but the wind was high and blew sand at us.  We took as much as we could.  We got down the beach pretty far but then decided we had enough and turned around an headed back to everyone else. 

    For lunch we stopped at a place called Bouchon's.  I had a burger.  It was delicous. 

     Since it was my mother's last day on the island, we decided to go around and see as much stuff as we could.

  We visited the caves on the way out.  We saw the Wailua falls, across the way we saw the scenic veiwing of the Wailua river.  Then we drove further down and saw some more Kapu, sacred, and historical sights.  We saw the brithplace of one of the Hawaiin kings.  Then we went up a staircase thinking it was more historical sightings and stumbled upon a chinese/japanese burial sight. 

      After the  sight seeing, we stopped into java kai.  I bought a coffee, and my new husband bought some hawaiin cigars.  $50 for 3 cigars.  I don't think they were worth that much but whatever.  That's just my opinion. 

     My wedding coordinator had suggested Hula Girl some time a go.  We decided to let that be my mothers last dinner on Kauai.  I had the Chicken Marsala.  It was okay.  The desserts were amazing though.   After dinner, we went back to the hotel so that my mother could pack and gather her things, then we dropped her off at the airport. 

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Random Hut we saw while walking to…
Random Hut we saw while walking t…
Chickens are everywhere.  Even on …
Chickens are everywhere. Even on…
Monk Seal
Monk Seal
Sea Tortoise.
Sea Tortoise.
photo by: bebeelea