Leaving Lake Victoria, and heading to Kampala. Stopping in Jinja for lunch.

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Well last night was interesting.  I went to bed, and about 2 hours into the night I heard a terrible howling and snarling noise outside my tent.  I was terrified, however when I peeked out the screen I saw wild dogs fighting.  I later found out that they alwayse come into camp looking for food scraps and such.

This morning I woke up and broke down my tent at 5:30am.  We were on the road by 6am. 

We just left the Kenya border patroll, and now here we sit in limbo.....between Kenya and Uganda.  Waiting to get into the Ugandan border.  Finally our tour guide came back with our passports and we are heading into Uganda now.  Yea!

We continued driving for what seemed like forever when we finally arrived Jinja...The Sourse of the Nile River.

  We had lunch there and it was so beautiful.  There were little monkeys everywhere.  I got some great photo's.  After lunch we continued to Kampala.  We stopped at a shopping center and a couple of the people on the tour couldnt get money so they hopped on moterbike taxies and took off to go get money. 

I dont know what happend, but we ended up leaving them.  Somehow they managed to make it to camp.  We are staying in Kampala tonight.  Setting up camp was much easier.  My new scottish friend Drew taught me how to wash my clothes in a sink.  I am truely learning to rough it.  We are going to bed early tonight as we are having another long day of driving tomorow.  The long drives are the worse part of the trip so far.  I pass time by playing cards with a newlywed italian couple, and a really cool couple from NYC.  Chris is a filmmaker, and his wife Abby is a photographer. 

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photo by: loanna