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The view from the top of my hostel

A few days ago I had agreed with Chris to meet up and go hiking today - because he got a day off from his teachings. But unfortunately his wife had other plans - she had arranged some sort of delivery to take place at their home somewhere between 9 and 12 in the morning. And from home I know what it means when somebody making delivery tells you they will get there between 9 and 12 - if you are really lucky they will get there at 12.30 and more likely around 14. So I did not have high hopes for our hiking plans.


So instead of rushing from Kyoto to Osaka I am taking it easy this morning having a look at TB and eating a leisurely breakfast. I had left a comment at Chris’ profile and he must be up already because he actually replied - and said the delivery had still not arrived - not a big surprise considering it is before 8 and we agree to try to meet up around 11.30 at Dotombori on the bridge - this was my suggestion mainly because my knowledge of Osaka’s geography is very limited and this was sort of the only place I would be able to identify with any kind of certainty.


Well I figure it will take forever before Chris gets his delivery so I will get another cup of coffee before I will bother checking up on Travbuddy again. When I finish my coffee I walk up from the kitchen area to take another look at TB - and right there is a comment from Chris - delivery have already been there and he has already left. WHAT. Delivery has already been there???????? Come on it is not even 9 yet. What kind of country is this - delivery arriving before they say it will arrive? I figure I better leave a quick comment for Chris and rush to the central station - if I am lucky I will be able to catch a train which should be in Osaka just before ten. I rush out of the door hoping I can catch the local train quickly and then I race for the shinkansen.


I get to the central station and stand down at the track waiting for the train to arrive and I figure I better give Chris a quick ring to let him know I am on my way and when I will be in town. He finally picks up the phone and we sort of agree to meet at the Shin-Osaka station instead of the bridge in the centre of town. Or this is what I think we agree on because the phone runs out of yens and at the same moment the train arrives so I have no time to call back. I get on the train and hope for the best - I will get to Osaka in about 15 minutes anyways so I can try to call again when I get there.

lulusartshack says:
I was surprised too when I was supposed to have furniture delivered between 9-11am, it arrived at 8:45! I've never had that happen to me before!
Posted on: Dec 26, 2009
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The view from the top of my hostel
The view from the top of my hostel
The view from the top of my hostel
The view from the top of my hostel
photo by: ys484