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“Where are we really going? Always home!” Novalis exclaimed. I cannot agree more.
Wherever your traveling and wandering may take you, always consider it home. The whole world, it’s such a brilliant place! Yet, there are places which we prefer over others. Therefore, every place is our potential home, but we cannot know until we have visited it. My own personal example would be, in a Chicago suburb Naperville, I felt like crap day to day; in Ecuador I couldn’t stop smiling; in London I couldn’t sleep (in a positive sense); and in Lithuania I can’t stop admiring my life. To the people who prefer to live their life not in a nomadic manner, I cannot explain the magnitude of value that traveling carries. Only, I can provide you with this pearl of wisdom, which hopefully makes you think: “He who travels far will often see things far removed from what he believed was Truth. When he talks about it in the fields at home, he is often accused of lying, for the obdurate people will not believe what they do not see and distinctly feel.” You cannot proclaim yourself a habitant of this world if you haven’t examined every corner of your home. I may be accused of having a white-and-black point of view; yet embarking on trips to yet unfamiliar corners of the Earth is not merely enjoyable means to escape being a vulnerable prisoner of routine, unable to breathe the air of inspiration. Traveling exists to offer an electrifying spurt of creativity; it makes me aware that I’m wholly full of meaningful life, bursting with existence. I can devote the entire 24 hours of the day and the completeness of my soul to personal growth, in a manner that only traveling can endow one with.
I’ve always fancied encountering lost foreigners in my city, and speaking languages that could twist my tongue in funny ways, but not once did I picture, how much of a mental exercise it was to submerge into an unknown culture. While traveling, one can leave the dull routine far behind, together with the tedious chores, the familiar faces, and joyously leap into a colorful pool of imagination. Traveling fosters creativity, because all of the fresh smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and things alike come at you with mad speed, and the thoughts are then so vivid, that it seems all the paper in the world couldn’t contain them. The mind is free to wander into the dusty corners of the imagination that were long forgotten. It seems as if the muses are freed from their extended oppression by vicious routine, to spread liberty of thought and inspiration at last. With an entirely tranquil and free mind, it seems kid’s games to approach and glance at your life from another perspective, and to mature and make alterations for good. Indulging into a new culture, comprehending the spoken language, and interacting with the locale, brings about acute mental work out.
I would wish everyone such a life changing experiences that I’ve been blessed with. Even if a person is the home-type, who could never go a day without seeing the comforting familiar, I would advocate fiercely for traveling. Once you have felt the enchantment, freedom and lightness of soul that it brings, you will never want to experience homecoming and its heaviness again.


Try to take the path less traveled by. Grass is only green if you want it to be. Any other color is just as good.


Peace and Love

huibdos says:
Thank you for sharing:)
Posted on: Jan 16, 2010
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