anger dissolving in the hotspring :P

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do i look too happy? haha!
We docked at Benoni warf after dark. It was late (late as in 6pm hehe) so all of the transpo fares hiked up. It’s a remote island so it’s expected that most of the people have already resigned for the day. We had no idea where to stay for the night though as we are all depending on each other to do the guest house research but none of us ever made the effort to do so. I’m glad there is a Globe signal in the Island so I was able to use my phone to do a bit of research for a nearest and cheapest (haha) guesthouse in the area. First in Google list is Ardent’s hotspring. Wow! Hotspring! I want to relax my muscles in the hot spring so I first mentioned it. The others want Paras Guesthouse because it’s cheaper (as what was the multicab driver trying to sell us) but I still rooted for Ardent and had to use my convincing prowess (lol) just so we’ll spend the night there.
still sulking.. :(
They were reluctant at first because we don’t have any idea how much the room’s costs. Well, according to my research the cheapest room is at 2,500php good for 2. So they were very hesitant to get it as we have to stick to our cheapskate creed.. I have to fight back that some internet info are not reliable and Who knows when was the last time it was updated? Besides, the hotspring is worth the price and we could treat ourselves for once so I rooted for Ardent‘s until the end. Haha. Woot! After careful deliberation, my friends gave a YES to Ardents! :) ahaha! Wee, I won! At the wharf I was already envisioning myself half sleeping in a pool with hot water relaxing my strain muscles from rafting. Cozy!

Now our next problem is the cab that will take us to Ardent and who we have to negotiate for the day tour the next day.
Oh yea, we always come prepared! :P I left the negotiation to my friends as I am too dumb with numbers I can’t chew them. I would just cause harm to the planning than good. :P

A few minutes of waiting they’ve decided to take the 400php cab to drop us off to Ardent and paid 1,500php for the multicab use on the day tour. It wasn’t much because it was divided by 8 persons. You can’t haggle with the prices as all the muticabs in the area have an agreement that they’d bill tourist (local or foreign) for 8 hours tour at a fix rate of 1,500php and 100php on succeeding hour extension. And for dropping off to hostels or inns, one way costs 350php only until 5pm and 400-500php up on late nights which is reasonable cause the Inn’s are far from the port and they can’t get passengers on their way back.
my first half smile (i guess) :P

At Ardent’s we took the duplex room which was 1200php good for 2pax and 250php on each additional head. We crammed ourselves in a small room which was okay as all of us can live by all kinds of discomfort as long as it’s clean and safe. My friends are 100% non-whiners (on a good day). It was only during our first year traveling together that I've heard them whining about lil space, messy rooms or uncold room, but now they've outgrown them so I no longer have to fear about them chewing my ears off!

While others were ordering drinks for dinner in guesthouse resto, the rest of us were doing the accounting. Somebody took my camera to view the pictures and just left it in the bed with the lens protruding. I was playing with the settings of Lizer’s SLR camera so I would have something to do as I wasn't involve with the accounting dept.
friends ignoring current disposition.. *listening but not talking*
I make sure to really stay away from numbers so I was experimentally shoting at things. My friends are such camwhores that they’d readily pose, smile, jump or run to where the flashes are or camera lenses are pointed. I that time I was aiming at Lizer at one side of the bed and suddenly all of the peeps went jumping and running towards the area to get into the picture while my camera was on the bed vulnerable. :( After a few shots, I was unsatisfied with the results, I decided to use my Canon cam because I know how to use it best and I can take pictures with low light without having to worry about blurs. I took the first snap and I noticed that there are faint horizontal lines. I got scared already because the lines are too familiar to me. I took another snap and all the same there was a faint horizontal line and the color was no longer vivid.
in a good mood already! :)
I thought that it was just because my subjects are situated where the lighting is bad. Perhaps there’s too much light dispersed it would looked like rays thus creating lines in the pic. Although at the back of my mind I was thinking that the lens must have been shattered or bent/compressed (if lenses bend). I tried hard not to think of it and put my camera down and took the dslr back. Adjusted some settings, took pictures, and had fun for seconds but the nagging feeling about my camera being busted was there so I took the Canon cam back and tested it. I took a picture of the lamp. That’s how I’ll know if the lens was broken. Walla! My fear was confirmed! I got an all pictures white with visible horizontal lines.

I was so upset, I had a hard time controlling my feelings. I really loved that camera. I know it so well that even with that simple point and shot cam I can take great pictures from it. I can close my eyes and get an action shot, jump shot perfectly cause I’m so familiar with its shutter speed and all that. I had that same kind since college, 3 years ago. A friend busted it in Plantation Bay 2007 and I had it fixed. It cost half as much the price of the cam but since I can’t let it go, I paid the price. It really has a massive sentimental value to me. Aside from having it in my bag everywhere I go, I’ve sacrificed several trips because of that. I don’t want to buy a new one and I don’t want to travel without it so I stopped travelling locally and waited for months.. almost a year to get it fixed. Calling every three weeks to check the status of it while it was transported to Manila and back to Cebu only to tell me it’s beyond repair. I had it back to another Canon Service in another branch just so it would be ship back to Manila. Again, I waited for months so the lens that was ordered from Singapore will arrive and Canon Manila can start fixing it.. I was so stubborn and swallowed all the lines from my friends and siblings about my impracticality because of the love I have for that camera (ahaha). So when it was busted again by someone it really made me angry. I can't imagine the dent it will put to my pocket and the hassle I have to go through and it’s not even my fault! I got so upset, I cried all night. I want to shout at my friend for being so negligent and demand her to pay for the damage but can’t do it. It was an accident. I kept the irritation/anger to myself.. comforting myself that sulking is pointless as the camera is already USELESS.
on our way to Katibawasan falls
No good and since I can’t do anything to undo what happened, I might as well let go. You know, in situations like this it’s always easier to blame someone but I got no one to blame.. It’s not healthy to blame people anyway and that makes it more painful. Not only that I am in the middle of the trip and I don’t want it ruined. I’m pickled cause I can’t will myself NOT TO sulk and cry about it. I don't want to be such a sissy because I'm freaking 20 something years old. Only there's no other way I can do to release all anger and have it over before sunrise so everything will be back to normal! So I resorted to crying all the more.. Oh truly a sissy! I missed swimming in the hotspring after wanting so much to spend half the night in there.. At midnight my friends got back from the three hours bathe and talked at how pleasant the water was before the went to sleep while I, was still thinking about my cam.
. Oh really, I made my life miserable! :P On the upside, I was so spent from the rafting and the land-sea travel that my fatigue got the better of me and I slept shortly after them and had dreamless sleep.

By the morning, I was still in a foul mood. I don’t want to do anything at all. I want to be difficult and ruin everybody’s time so we can share all my doom. I was angry still. But at the same time, I want to enjoy because I’ve been looking forward for this trip for months and that trip with my friends is as rare as a comet seen in the sky so I don’t waste the chance and regret later.

But well, in summation, they still had a share of my sour mood for a good hour or so.. ahaha! When I was asked what food I want for breakfast I just stare back and ignore the person talking.
let me mar the falls with my presence hihihi
All I did for a few minutes were to look fiercely at them when they ask me questions (coz I don’t want to be bothered) or I walk away to spare them with my piercing stares! Lol. But I reluctantly answered serious questions though, like, something about plans for the day, I’d talk back briefly and as politely as I can (which really never turned out that way, haha). Otherwise, I just ignore them. I know that they were just fishing something of my interest just so I’d be back to my old self. The one that was uninhibited by bad spirits as they put it in the pool.

Day 1

At 530am, I eventually went to the hotspring. At the pool, I was still evaluating my feelings and I’m glad that my nerves relaxed when I dipped at the water and I guess my nerve cells was released with whatever unpleasant things that blocked it.
I know the heat evaporated my ill feelings as I see smoke lifting from my head. Then, I began to notice how my friends tried to cheer me up and I appreciated their jokes and effort to bring back my mood. So truly before sunrise, I was able to show my teeth. I was able to smile a true smile.. I was able to do the next best thing I can do with my lips.. that is to smile, smile, smile! :)

After swimming for almost two hours, we had breakfast. It was good, worth the 110php I paid. Fova, Michael and I who had extra rice so we were the last one’s to finish. When we got back to the room, all of them were half way done with repacking. So I hurriedly took a shower and got dressed in a flashed. The other two took their time. After I finished I hurriedly went to the waiting cab and cheerfully talked to Evelyn about hotspring, volcanoes and waterfalls to distract her as she was already annoyed because we were already 1 hr late for our sched tour.
We originally plan to depart at 5am but since we are Filipinos and is always late for everything, we gave ourselves an hour allowance. 7am ETD is the latest but it was past 7 already, Fova and Michael did not emerge until 8am.. 8AM!!! All of them are already at the peak of their temper and almost close to bickering but I manage to gather them together so we can have our last group shot in Ardents. I have to make the effort as I have ruined 1/4 of our quality time together already. They laughed when I said, my devil's license has not expired yet. You can't have yours while mine is still active.

That settled it. I only have the right to be bitchy, angry or difficult as I got the license when they all busted my cam.. :)

~~~~ Katibawasan Falls ~~~

Since we were an hour late for our scheduled day tour we need to fit all the tour in a day because Fova and Lizer have a plane to catch the next day in CDO.

Katibawasan Falls was our first destination. I was no longer taking note of the time because I emerged myself with flicks of memory about the trampled camera. :P Then the next thing I knew we arrived in Katibawasan, it was just a short ride from Ardent. So I know I didn’t miss much of the sceneries. Anyway, it was a Sunday so there weren’t much tourist in the waterfalls, just us and 5 other people in a different group. The place was so serene I would have loved to stay there longer but we don’t have time to do that so I took pictures as quickly as I can. After several shots, Fova came yelling, Guys, ten minutes is up! Go Go Go! And everybody started running back to the cab. We never stick to schedules it really amazed me how cooperative we were about not dallying.
excuse me Dee
. It was really as if the place is going to be bombed in a few seconds..

Our next stop was Turtles Inn, where we’ll stay for another night. We got the info from the driver when we told him how much would we pay for his cab if we decided to camp in it for the night. He laughed out loud but stopped when he noticed that Dyan and Evelyn’s face were all serious. I know they were only joking as they have a real weird sense of humor but that got the driver. He took a pity on us so he brought us to his friends resort and offered that he will haggle the price for 500php less and he did! Even 800php less!  The Inn was in a good location, just by the highway and across it is the white island which is our last destination for the day. There is also a market and stores that’s walking distance from the Inn.
Unlike in Paras Guesthouse (where we originally planned to stay), it was secluded and inconveniently far. We don’t want to worry about conveyance after 4pm so we were glad about the Turtles Inn offer. The cottage is huge equipped with two br/cr, a kitchen and a balcony. It was cheaper and lovelier than in Ardents.

~~~ Sunken Cemetery ~~~

There was a great view of the mountain and sea on our way to the sunken cemetery. I can envision a perfect sunset there.. We arrived at famed sunken cemetery but for me it bore no significance until I’ve heard the tale from the Lady guide in the Old Church (this happened later). We paid a banka to get to the Giant cross that’s (10php each) and took pictures. We couldn’t see any grave under the water and Lizer wants to dive down to see what’s under there.
got a perfect shot from this position. *proud* wahaha
I didn’t do it for several reasons. First, it’s creepy. Secondly, I’m not in the right clothes to go shallow “diving”. Third, I just don’t want to get wet and tour around the island wet or unless I strip off which I’m not willing to do.. I’m glad Lizer was preoccupied he didn’t argue further. He dropped the subject quickly after I uttered my three equivalent shallow reasons. The only highlight for this trip was when I took a picture of Lizer lying down and my earrings stuck to the “cement crack” without me noticing it. So when I got up I almost tore my ears (or so I thought). I shrieked as it was very painful. My friends fretted thinking that I was possessed. Haha! Glad the earrings loop only straightened out; instead of doing damage to my ear.
It was easier to fix than a torn earlobe.

rajeevpareek says:
Don't mind but this is injustice from God.
Only one guy in this group... I can join anytime :)

No offence jus joking..nice bolg
Posted on: Jan 24, 2010
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do i look too happy? haha!
do i look too happy? haha!
still sulking.. :(
still sulking.. :(
my first half smile (i guess) :P
my first half smile (i guess) :P
friends ignoring current dispositi…
friends ignoring current disposit…
in a good mood already! :)
in a good mood already! :)
on our way to Katibawasan falls
on our way to Katibawasan falls
let me mar the falls with my prese…
let me mar the falls with my pres…
excuse me Dee
excuse me Dee
got a perfect shot from this posit…
got a perfect shot from this posi…
dont move dee!
don't move dee!
taking a picture of Lizer with the…
taking a picture of Lizer with th…
i did not climb up! lol
i did not climb up! lol
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