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I love that you can look down the waterfall and out onto the city
I realize I have been horrible at writing in this blog, but I every time I went to update I got sidetracked. So here are my thoughts on a bunch of random aspects of life here. First of all, I love love love Berlin. I feel bad because I think I judged it too harshly at the beginning, but in the past few weeks I've gotten to explore more and I am always excited and surprised to find new beautiful or unique places. The other week I got to wander around Kreuzberg (an area of Berlin) and found this little street with tons of little ethnic restaurants (my favorite, yum) and small shops. Then I walked a little ways more and found a park a few blocks down with a big waterfall and a bunch of places to sit overlooking the city skyline.
skyline from the top of the park
I've also gotten to wander around Orienburgerstrasse a bunch. Last weekend I went out with a friend and had some yummy Indian food there, and this weekend I went bar hopping down the street. There were a bunch of different and cool bars, ranging from ones with all outdoor seating and swings, to basement bars tucked away from the street.

I think one of my favorite things I've done so far is go to this bar in Kreuzberg which has a "language exchange" every Tuesday night. I've been twice now and the first time I didn't get to speak to anyone in German, but last week I met a nice man who let me speak with him for like 30 minutes in German and he was nice enough to put up with my horrible German. I love when German speakers tell me my German is very good, because it's obviously a blatant lie, but an extremely nice one.
Not sure what this is, just a cool monument
It seems like everybody in Berlin speaks relatively perfect English, whereas I stumble with the simplest sentence, and they're like "oh yeah your German is not bad at all!" I love the confidence boost though. I'm so desperate to practice my German with anyone who'll listen, I'll take what I can get. I do love that I at least have to speak German to Soeren because it's the only way he'll understand me. Although it's really difficult sometimes because I just don't know what he's saying to me, I'm always glad that I'm being forced into hearing and speaking it a few hours a day.

I guess my most exciting news is that I get to go back to Italy in August! I'm planning a trip with one my friends to go to Milan and then over to Cinque Terre. I have been wanting to get to Cinque Terre since I first went to Italy and I can't wait to go. Alright well I guess those are some highlights of my last few weeks here, although I'm sure I've shamefully neglected a lot of points. I'll try to update more so I don't forget everything.
steph928 says:
i'm so glad you get to go to italy! i was there this time last year. i was able to make it to the cinque terre and you *have* to go! i'm not trying to promote my travel blog or anything, but i have an entry on the cinque terre and some pictures too. just in case you're interested. :)
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
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I love that you can look down the …
I love that you can look down the…
skyline from the top of the park
skyline from the top of the park
Not sure what this is, just a cool…
Not sure what this is, just a coo…
photo by: CFD