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Last night was really fun but absolutely unexpected. I had thought that I was just meeting my friends and some random girl for a drink, but she showed up with two other girls as well. As we talked we realized that all of us were or had been au pairs (with the exception of Carrie, but she's our honorary au pair). Not only that but one of the girls is German and was an au pair in the U.S. She actually knew about me already because she knows my AYUSA representative. She was like "wait you're Stephanie the au pair from Teltow! I live in Teltow too, I was going to call you!" It's so funny, because in all of Berlin what are the chances that some random girl will show up with someone who knows who you are? They also all knew the guy au pair I had met last weekend, just to top it all off. I had never realized how small the au pair world is in Berlin, but it's surprising and comforting to know I have a little niche in it. After discussing all the ways we knew or knew of each other the girls we went to this club. It was some really legendary club where you walked in and there were pictures on the wall of all the famous people who had partied there, including Michael Jackson. But I think my favorite thing was that there was a barrel of apples that you could take (I was very hungry I hadn't really eaten dinner). A famous club with free Prosecco until 11 AND free apples? I think I'm in love. I was so mad I hadn't brought my camera, because if there ever was a time to take pictures it was there. The club was beautiful, with a red carpet going in, huge staircases like in a palace and a really nice dance floor. I suppose I'll have to go back when I'm more properly dressed.

On a completely random side note I have finally eaten a doner kebab in Berlin. I can now compare and contrast the kebabs of Vienna and Berlin and I have to say, the two I have eaten in Berlin may very well be superior (sorry Vienna, I still love you). Of course it's been a long time since I tried the Vienna kebab so maybe I'll have to take a trip to refresh my memory. Oh I wish I could....

Ok this was short, but I figured both were noteworthy subjects.. more updates soon.
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photo by: CFD