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The captial - from Skip's phone

Being good fonctionnaires(look that up in your french dictionary) we truly appreciated our visit to the Capitol.
We underestimated (as good fonctionnaires do) the time necessary to check in, so instead of arriving at least 20 minutes
early as directed we breathlessly arrived at the counter right on time.  The fonctionnaire behind the counter smiled
and let us know we had plenty of time as we were actually 10 minutes early.  Funny how arriving 20 minutes late made
us ten minutes early.

After efficiently checking us in we were directed to the Last Statue On The Left.  Arriving at the last statue on the
left we were promptly directed to the first statue on the right.  Now consider this....standing at the reception
desk the last statue on the left is not the same statue as if you are facing the statues.

The Advenstures of Skip, Tess & Vee at the Capitol
  This begs the question..
which way is north?  So long story short we ended up at the original first statue on the left (from which we
were previously told to leave).

Unfortunately, we were banned from carrying cameras all day, or any navagational equipment that might have assisted
us, and cell phone cameras don't work well indoors (some White House regulation- maybe WH489)
so we are unable illustrate this story with real pictures. However we have included our best depiction of the experience.

Miles today: car 0, walking-seems like 100.

Travel tips: When staying the first night in any hotel check the hotel radio alarm set.  Even though we were awakened 1 hour early, we still only managed to be 10 minutes early to our second tour of the day.  However, we arrived at 9:30 for our 11:00 White House tour and we were right on time!

Both White House and Capitol tours were great, enjoyed everything--thanks Katie.


P.S. The corn cob columns outside the Old Senate Chamber actually made me long for those cornfields, or maybe it was just the friendly and pleasant people that go with them. :)

JDnChasers says:
glad to hear everything went well
Posted on: Sep 08, 2009
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The captial - from Skips phone
The captial - from Skip's phone
The Advenstures of Skip, Tess & Ve…
The Advenstures of Skip, Tess & V…
Kiki & Yoda at the Kimpton.
Kiki & Yoda at the Kimpton.
This picture is dedicated to our g…
This picture is dedicated to our …
photo by: b93sp