Rhythms of Traffic

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Traveling cross country has made me very aware of the rhythms of traffic.  As I headed west on I80 the traffic was ruled by the big trucks but as I headed up to I90 I found a slower pace and was spoiled by the (mostly) smooth highways with sparse traffic where I could set my own pace.  After the freedom of the west I found it took me about 45 minutes to re-tune to the heavy traffic patterns when I crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin.  By the time I hit Chicago I was once again resigned to the inevitability of gridlock.

Now, still driving in the east but heading west I have found a mixture of crowded and open highways.  I’ve noticed it is easy to tell when I am nearing a population center even without mileage signs.  The traffic  starts to build slowly then with greater intensity the finally there is the large town or city almost like the way small streams build up to a major river.      After the town or city the traffic begins to fall off slowly until once again I can set my own pace and enjoy the sound of my tires and the rhythm between my car and the road.

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photo by: esterrene