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Kanawha Falls

It’s been another beautiful day with absolutely no rain. We’re really taking advantage of the sunshine, and yesterday we spent the day exploring Colonial Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg.  This is one of the earliest settlements in our country, and the first English settlement.  There is so much history from the first English settlers, the Revolutionary war, and the Civil war that there isn’t enough time or room in this blog to describe it all.

Today we discovered a nice alternate highway in West Virginia.  Highway 60 weaves in an out from the main Highway 64.  We decided to try it in order to avoid the West Virginia Turnpike, and also because it looked like a fun winding road.  The highway not only winds through some mall towns, but it is the highway that leads to Kanawha Falls located near Falls View West Virginia.

Kanawha Falls & hydro power house
  I highly recommend anyone with motorcycles take this road, and visit the falls.

The guy have been trying to keep our composure as we cruse together on our Harleys; following the girls down the highways in their convertible.  Not exactly the picture of hardcore motorcycle rebels out for a cross county romp with danger.  But now Vee has come up with an explanation in a desperate attempt to help us salvage our dignity: We are not merely following a car down the highway, but what we actually have here is the world’s largest GPS navigational system.  Lots of hardcore bikers have GPS navigational systems.  Ours just happens to be bigger and better looking.  Guess that makes us “bad”.  Look out Captain America, there’s a new Sherriff in town …

With our pride back in good order, we boldly cruse down the highway as the analytical computer part of our GPS system (lets just call her Tess) reads a roadmap and relays the info to the visual readout portion of the computer (lets just call that part Vee).

The Grey Ghost trys to convince Tess and Vee that he comes in Peace
 I know what you’re thinking; all this Techno jargon sounds very complicated.  But not too complicated for a couple smart and good looking hardcore bikers that are not afraid of technology.  The only problem with our GPS system is that if you should choose to ignore its directions and guidance, it will let you know.  And believe me, you don’t want to get our GPS navigation system upset!

After a full day of riding, we settled in for the night in a small town called Huntington West Virginia.  We are paying close attention to a large storm system that is passing thought the southern part of the country, and forcing us to alter our route.  September is normally a very mild month for weather, and that is the reason we choose to take our cross county journey during this month.  However this year September is proving to be a very stormy month, and making our journey a real challenge at times.  The past three days have been nice and sunny, making our trip a pleasure.  Hopefully we can jog around the oncoming storms and continue to stay somewhat dry.

JDnChasers says:
Hey, guys it's Matt. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time, and getting the opportunity to see some amazing places. Enjoy. Stay dry!
By the way Landon had 3 goals in his last game!!!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
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Kanawha Falls
Kanawha Falls
Kanawha Falls & hydro power house
Kanawha Falls & hydro power house
The Grey Ghost trys to convince Te…
The Grey Ghost trys to convince T…
photo by: esterrene