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Labor day morning brings more of the same: Lots of cold, thick, dense, heavy, blinding fog (CTDHBF), and lucky for us, the motorcycle seats are soaking wet. You probably have already guessed what we were thinking: “What a great day for a motorcycle ride!” Not wanting to miss a single minute of fun, we anxiously leave the safety of our warm and dry hotel at Percival Iowa, and head in what we think is the correct direction towards St Joseph Missouri. Note: Vee would not be surprised to learn that I immediately got lost in all the CTDHBF and drove off past our turnoff. But being the sharp astute driver that I am, I quickly noticed what appeared to be a panicked motorcycle rider behind me who had been trying to get my attention by franticly flashing his headlights and blinkers for the past few miles. I sensed something was wrong, and after careful evaluation of the situation, eventually pulled over the shoulder (or the part of the pavement where I thought the shoulder should be) and what I believe was off the roadway. Yes, just as I thought: it was the Grey Ghost, and he politely pointed-out to me that we were not heading in the correct direction.  Not seeing any cars on the roadway, and not seeing anything for that mater, we simply made a sharp U-Turn and headed back the opposite way and got onto the correct highway.  Problem solved! 

It is hard for me to describe St Joseph; not for a lack of words, but because we just couldn’t see it. The highway took us along the city, but due to the CTDHBF, we couldn’t see a single building. After finding our turnoff at Hwy 36, we followed the next exit and took a break to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. The Grey Ghost commented that if anyone wants to experience what it is like to ride in CTDHBF, simply put your hands over your eyes, and have someone pour buckets of cold water over your head. Sounds fun, but there really is no substitution for the real thing.

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Saint Joseph