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The morning was great. No rain or fog. Just a short day trip to Ocean City Maryland … or so we thought. Things were going pretty smooth until that one wrong turn somewhere along the way. Yes, Super Dave managed to take the wrong exit, and lead the Grey Ghost to an unexpected journey just outside of Washington DC at Bethesda Maryland. Apparently there is a significant difference in meaning between the shapes of a sign. Example: a rectangular sign with the numbers 97 mean something completely different from a shield shaped sign with the same number 97. One 97 leads to the direction we wanted to go, where the other takes innocent unsuspecting motorcycle riders through a not so pretty part of Maryland before dumping them into the heart of DC. Fortunately for us there was a police car with his siren on and driving on the wrong side of the street and, that gave Super Dave an idea: Super Dave asked the Grey Ghost if he was up to a quick U-turn. Thinking that a U-turn meant a legal type U-turn, the Grey Ghost acknowledged with a cool “biker nod” right before Super Dave made his move. As the police car sped by creating an opening in the traffic going the opposite direction , Super Dave took full advantage and made a quick U-turn --- Double orange lines be dammed! The Grey Ghost followed. without a clue of which way to go, our Harleys roared back down the road with dignity, just this time we were going in a different direction. And somehow, that just seemed ok. We were moving again. We followed a highway sign to a freeway, and took it. We were totally lost, but at least we were making much better time. As we cruised down the freeway (or up, as I don’t know where we were heading) Super Dave spotted a sign for a rest area and a Maryland Visitor’s Center sign,. Breaking all “Guy Codes” we humbly approached the attendant behind the counter and asked her for directions.

About this time I sensed that the Grey Ghost’s sense of humor was waning, and that our latest unscheduled adventure was not taking him to his happy place. But not to worry, as the lady at the Visitor’s Center gave us directions and off we went again. She also gave us a map (a fancy pants folded paper thingy that shows roads, the name of the roads, and if you can believe this, even shows where the roads go to). I think Vee would have found the humor in our little adventure, but something inside told me that it would be best to share that laugh with the Grey Ghost at a later time. Perhaps a much later time…

The good weather held out and as we finally crossed the Chesapeake and headed to Annapolis, but as we got close to Ocean City Maryland, it began raining. Raining hard; and it didn’t stop raining the entire hour we cruised the town looking for a place to stay. And here’s another funny part of this story: As soon as we gave up and settled on a hotel that was close by, the rain suddenly stopped. Again, I sensed that any attempts at pointing out this irony to the Grey Ghost might not be a good idea.

Anyway, we made it. Super Dave and the Grey Ghost have traveled across the United States on our Harley’s and arrived safe and sound at Ocean City Maryland some 3000 miles away. Any concerns that traveling such a long distance on motorcycles would be too hard proved to be untrue. The riding was fun and easy in spite of the weather. We look forward to continuing our journey, and meeting up with Tess and Vee tomorrow. We can decide which direction we go from here as we continue our cross county adventures.

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Ocean City
photo by: Andy99