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In anticipation of rain showers to the west as a new storm front moves our way, we decided to make today’s journey a bit shorter than usual. We slept in this morning and didn’t leave until 9am, which is an hour later than we normally have been leaving. The closer we traveled west, the worse the clouds got, and about a couple hours before we arrived in Buffalo, the rains began. It was no big deal since we were only planning on a short riding day anyway. Note to Skip: you would be proud of Vee as she decided to keep the top down on her convertible GPS during the whole trip. Both Vee and Tess kept dry as the rains blew over the car and stayed out of their heated cockpit area. Although Tess pretended to complain to us about having 5-small drops actually make contact with her arm.

Super Dave and the Grey Ghost ride on through Sturgis
Soaking wet from head to toe, Super Dave and the Grey Ghost were not too sympathetic.  Especially after hearing Vee let us know that she didn’t get the slightest bit wet at all. She did however raise the top when we arrived at our hotel so as not to allow any rain inside her warm comfortable car. Super Dave and the Grey Ghost however had to settle for parking their bikes underneath the port cache at the hotel.

Super Dave and the Grey Ghost ride on to Sturgis:

On the way to Wyoming, we decided to make a short stop and visit Sturgis South Dakota. In case anyone isn’t familiar with Sturgis, it is the big riding Mecca for Harley riders, attracting hundreds of thousands of riders each year at the annual 1-week rally event held each August. I have never been comfortable around large crowds and have never wanted to be a part of that event, so I have never made it to Sturgis. That is, not until today. Today’s visit was an appropriate milestone in our epic cross-country journey, and now we can say we’ve been there, and done that. Nothing there I would necessarily want to return to again, but it was definitely fun to ride our Harley into town as part of our cross country adventure.

After our photo-op in Sturgis, we continued west until we settled for the rest of the day at Buffalo Wyoming. With the rains coming down heavy, we took advantage of the nice hotel and enjoyed the indoor pool, hot tub, and workout room. It has been a nice relaxing break, and we look forward to tomorrow’s adventures. It's already Sunday, and we only have 1-week of vacagtion time left. The time is sure going by quickly, but what an adventure we have had so far. 

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Super Dave and the Grey Ghost ride…
Super Dave and the Grey Ghost rid…
photo by: DaveSwede