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The Grey Ghost and Super Dave visit the Chesepeake Bridge Tunnel in Virginia

This morning was great. The storms finally left town, and the sun was shining along the coast, so it was high time for the Grey Ghost and Super Dave to move on in search of new storms. After a walk on the beach, we headed south towards Virginia via the bridge tunnel across the Chesapeake bay. The Grey Ghost and Super Dave followed Vee and Tess down the highway to Williamsburg Virginia. The girls parked their car at the hotel in favor of the motorcycles, and we rode through Colonial Williamsburg (during their big William & Mary game) over to York.

York is the town where British General Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington in 1781, which ended the Revolutionary war. Yorktown is also where the civil war was fought, and the town was held at different times by both the north and the south.

Pier at Bridge Tunnel Rest Area
The battlefield has been preserved, and you can see the actual trenches where each side fought. Some of the original cannons are still there, and some of the buildings in Yorktown still have the original cannon balls embedded into their walls. It is a very sobering site to see, and realize you are standing at the very location where the British surrendered and thus began our nations independence; Freedom from “big brother“ trying to dictate how we should live our lives, what we can and can’t do, and finding solutions that always involves higher taxes and more government control … So what exactly were we fighting for again?

As usual we couldn‘t just drive to Yorktown, but instead had to first get lost and circle Williamsburg several times before Vee finally did the unthinkable and asked an employee at one of the stores for directions. With directions in hand, we regained our composure and stately motored into colonial Yorktown. One side of the field was the British flanks, and across the field was the US flanks. The Grey Ghost can be seen walking across the battlefield to the other side. Super Dave noticed that the British choose their side right next to the visitor's center and museum where the restrooms and drinking fountains are located.

Joe and Sherry who live about an hour away joined us for dinner, and we had a great time. Thanks to Joe and Sherry for driving over with such little notice.

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The Grey Ghost and Super Dave visi…
The Grey Ghost and Super Dave vis…
Pier at Bridge Tunnel Rest Area
Pier at Bridge Tunnel Rest Area
Super Dave refuses to take a pictu…
Super Dave refuses to take a pict…
Super Dave tests one of the Britis…
Super Dave tests one of the Briti…
The Grey Ghost walks across the ba…
The Grey Ghost walks across the b…
Joe and Sherry
Joe and Sherry
British Cannons
British Cannons
photo by: Andy99