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It was so nice to finally get out of the rain yesterday afternoon. We had high expectations for the next day’s journey. After a nice dinner, we spent some time and cleaned up our bikes from all the rain and bugs hat we had accumulated. Satisfied that we did a good job, we called it a night and went to get some sleep.

This morning we awoke and hauled our stuff down to the bikes, only to find them soaking wet from the dense fog that rolled in sometime last night. It was useless to try to dry them off because the fog was so heavy that they quickly became wet again (and again). We decided against waiting out the fog in favor of hitting the road early. We hoped the fog would be gone once we got outside of Cheyenne. But boy were we wrong! The fog lasted for hours, at times it was hard to see more than just a few feet away. We followed a semi truck down the freeway who was driving a sensible speed and used him for a reference to where the road was heading. Fortunately there was hardly anyone foolish enough to venture out on he open hwy at 7am in blinding fog, so we pretty much had the freeway to ourselves. The fog proved worse than the rain, as it kept us nicely wet and cold for much of the trip. The Grey Ghost commented about how psychedelic the windscreen looked with all the water condensing against the screen and the airflow causing it to run to the top in patterns before splashing off into our faces. I think that was before I noticed him staring strangely at his hands before screaming out loud. We stopped a few times to warm up and have coffee.  Road trips are so much fun! 

Along the way, we discovered the headquarters of Cabella’s in Sydney Nebraska. I think Sydney was one of the cleanest towns we passed through today. To best describe Nebraska, I would suggest you try to imagine what the early explorers saw when they starred out to the east over the Atlantic from the shores of Portugal; a non-ending view of the sea that finally disappears into the sunset. Substitute non-ending cornfields for the sea,, the occasional small town or farm buildings, and you are pretty much there.

We were starting to feel depressed at the constant grey and fog, and were glad when the sun finally broke out after lunch. We shed our jackets, and that’s when the ride really began to get fun. We are still on schedule to reach our destination of Ocean City Maryland, and from here on out, we can really take our time. Today’s ride from Cheyenne was the longest so far, but both Super Dave and the Grey Ghost are having a great time and not the slightest bit sore from the long motorcycle rides.

An interesting place to visit if we had more time would be the Lewis and Clark historic park where Hwy 2 crosses the Missouri river. As you know, Lewis and Clark sailed up the Missouri on their way to the Pacific. Like us they too were rugged, handsome explorers with a love for the great outdoors. One of the key differences between us and them is that they went around trying to draw maps and building places to stay along the way. We on the other hand prefer to use our GPS navigational systems, laptop computers, cellular phones, and stay in hotels along the way. Where both options are nice, we just don’t have enough time to go around naming national parks after ourselves. We prefer to just keep a simple blog.

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