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The Badlands of South Dakota

We crossed the Missouri River this morning, and began riding across the prairie lands of South Dakota.  As we cruse along Highway 90, we notice buffalo, prairie dogs, pheasants, and lots of billboards.  Super Dave, aka Wrong Way Dave, and the Grey Ghost decided to follow the world’s largest GPS down the highway (just in case).

Cruising down the highway it is easy to imagine the time when the Native Indians ruled the land.  The days when they roamed about the great prairie land following the seemingly endless herds of buffalo.  But not all was good, so the young Americans had to make some important changes.  Today as a result of those changes, we are all free to enjoy modern conveniences like fenced-off private property, billboards, and of course, fees just to see the land.

The Grey Ghost caught on camera shamelessly steeling a picture of Mt Rushmore

We decided to drive through the Badlands, and speaking of fees: it only cost us $10 per motorcycle!  A whole $5 less than a car or mobile GPS unit!  What is that I'm hearing?  If we don’t like paying for the privilege to see our public land then why don’t we just hike in and walk through the Badlands?  Well that too can no longer be done as it costs $7 just to walk.  So much for "the land of the free".  $35 dollars poorer, we passed through the area known as the Badlands.  The Badlands are very beautiful in their own way. Sparse of vegetation, these rugged canyon and mountain formations are amazing to see.

After visiting the Badlands, we headed to Rapid City to check into our hotel.

The steep natural mountainside can almost create the illusion of human faces … but you have to look closely
  And it looks like Super Dave has finally redeemed himself from the “Wrong Way Dave” days (seems like just yesterday) to the smooth master of the roadways.  On the way to the hotel, Super Dave lead the Grey Ghost past our world’s largest GPS and directly to our Hotel.  The world’s largest GPS was worried about the seemingly crazy decision to pass them and take the lead at such a critical time, and decided to abandon the bikers route in favor of their own.  Turns out that Super Dave and the Grey Ghost arrived safe and sound at the correct hotel and checked in, before the girls could even find the place.  Super Dave does pay attention to some of those annoying billboards along the roadside, and today it really paid off.  Super Dave is back!

Later that afternoon, we visited Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument (which is still under construction).  All very impressive to see and visit.  Afterwards, we stopped in a small town called Keystone and had dinner.  As we shared a bottle of Pinot Noir, everyone marveled at Super Dave’s great job in finding the hotel without even a single U-turn.  Ok, maybe that subject was never discussed, but it should have!

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The Badlands of South Dakota
The Badlands of South Dakota
The Grey Ghost caught on camera sh…
The Grey Ghost caught on camera s…
The steep natural mountainside can…
The steep natural mountainside ca…
Another human shape seems to appea…
Another human shape seems to appe…
Super Dave takes a picture of hims…
Super Dave takes a picture of him…
The Bad Boys in the Bad Lands
The Bad Boys in the Bad Lands
Rapid City
photo by: mrgishi